Australia’s Sexiest Woman Bindi Irwin Has Grown Up This Beautifully, Wow!

Crocodile hunter’s daughter’s dramatic evolution.

Australia’s Sexiest Woman Bindi Irwin Has Grown Up
This Beautifully, Wow!

I am pretty confident I am one of many who loved Steve Irwin. It's been more than 8 years since 'Australian Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin died but his daughter Bindi Irwin has continued the legacy of animal protection.

His daughter Bindi Irwin was in the spotlight even as a baby. She is the same cute baby whom you'd have seen making appearances on the famous Australian series with the hunter(father) Steve Irwin and now she has grown up.

So, let's check out the dramatic evolution of Bindi from a cute and tiny baby to an eco-warrior teen.

Meet Bindi Irwin, Australian actress, singer and conservationist.



She is the daughter of the famous crocodile hunter 'Steve Irwin' and Terri Irwin. Her parents are wildlife experts and made many series on educating people about the animals of Australia.

Bindi started appearing on TV shows since she was only two years old.


She looked so cute on cameras.

Bindi got a name from his dad who loved one of the female crocodiles at Zoo.


When she was growing up, she was always close to her dad. Her dad named her after his favorite crocodile.The middle name of Bindi,Sue,was the name of their family dog.

She always loved to go on the Australian series with her parents.


And no doubt, she was a natural on screen. She loved being on 'The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari'.

She even hosted her own triumphant show called 'Bindi the Jungle Girl'


The TV series was a 26-part wildlife documentary show for kids.

When Steve tragically died, Bindi delivered a eulogy.


She paid tribute to her dad in front of 5,000 people and a worldwide audience of 300 million viewers. She received a standing ovation for her self-written speech.

A way to her career life...


She started her career in music while performing in a child fitness DVD with a group called Bindi Kidfitness for the first time.

Bindi's first lead single for the album Trouble.


She sang the first single and even mentioned that she was learning to play a Piano.

Her first lead role in the Free Willy series.


It was 2010 when she acted in Free: Escape from Pirate's Cove.

She loved acting as she next performed in 'Return to Nim's Island'.


She took over the lead role from Abigail Breslin.

She was even awarded the 'Young Conservationist of the Year' in 2014.


Apart from being busy doing movies, she never forgot her love and passion for wildlife.

She was invited to join Dancing with the Stars the next year.


This invitation definitely was ready to make a change in her life as she won the competition with Derek Hough then.

Bindi has been quite open about her love life and boyfriend Chandler Powell.


She said in an interview, "I'm really happy with our relationship and I think we'll just continue to have fun".

She is now on the list of MAXIM's 100 hottest Australians.


She took this news to Instagram and shared her happiness and excitement.

Really, she looks astonishing!


Yay girl!!!

Don't know what she's up to next but we know she's gonna rock this time as well.

Don’t know what she’s up to next but we know she’s gonna
rock this time as well.

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