This Man’s Open Letter To His Fiancee’s Ex-Boyfriend Goes Viral 

Hats off to this guy! 

This Man’s Open Letter To His Fiancee’s Ex-Boyfriend Goes

It is common to come across an open letter written to a friend, a family member, an ex, a lover or a celebrity. But a London man has surprised everyone by writing a letter to his fiancee's ex-boyfriend. Ryan March, a tattoo artist from Skegness made headlines by writing a letter to his lady love's ex-boyfriend. March's open letter is an eye-opener for the guys who hurt and ditch their girlfriends.  

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Ryan March has given a wonderful message to all the guys in the world. 


London man wrote an open letter to his fiancee's ex-boyfriend on Facebook 8 months ago. 

The letter has gone viral with more than 35,000 shares on Facebook. 

Tattoo artist penned down a thank you note to his fiancee's ex for walking out of her life. 

Ryan March posted a short write-up on his Facebook account. 

London man's immense love for his fiancée Karlie Wright is quite evident from his post.  

March thanked Wright's ex for giving him a chance to love her. 

The guy wrote in his post, "To the man who let her go, thank you. Thank you for walking out of her life, for leaving her. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love her, do things that would make her happy, to really keep her [sic]." 

March posted this thank-you note along with a snap of the couple kissing each other. 

London man thanked Wright's ex-boyfriend for hurting and shattering her. March believed that his fiancee's past had given life's much-needed experience to her. 

Tattoo artist promised to keep his lady love like a queen forever. 

March also promised to support his fiancée in times of need and becoming a partner she always wanted him to be. 

London man listed down little things that he'll do to keep his girl happy.

He wrote: "Thank you for hurting her. If not, she wouldn't have learned something valuable. I will try my best not to cause her pain, for it hurts me to see her cry. I will do all the things you failed to do for her like be there for her when she feels so alone, prioritizes her and not make her feel like she is just an option, listen to her stories, rants, and complaints no matter how bizarre or cliche they might be. Give her time and affection even when she is not asking for it. I will take care of the girl you failed to appreciate. I will love the girl you took for granted. I will do anything to keep her and make her stay. I will love her for all that she is and will support her in anything that she wants to be. I will be the partner you failed to become for her. I will be the man who will never make the same mistake that you did. I will never let her go." 

March's post has been making headlines from last 8 months.

It has been shared on a number of Facebook pages. 

The official Facebook page of 'Love What Matters' also shared the wonderful post by Ryan March. 

The post has gone viral with more than 21,000 shares and has 4.3K comments. 

The couple will be soon be tying the knot.

God bless them!

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