Ever Wondered What The Blue Line Below The Views On YouTube Video Indicates?

It affects your popularity!

Ever Wondered What The Blue Line Below The Views On YouTube Video Indicates?

We all use YouTube, either to watch videos or to upload our latest work on it. It is one of the massive video platforms on earth, and people have become celebrities by using this platform effectively.

As we're always in a hurry, there's always a chance of missing something important on crucial platforms.

And in our Ever Wondered series, we bring you another piece of information that you can use to flaunt in front of your friends and family. So, have you ever wondered what the blue line below the views bar on YouTube indicates? Let's find out a proper answer.

YouTube is universal.

YouTube is universal.

I was just saying that people around the globe use this platform to share their memories, art, talent, and what not. It's such a popular platform for the audience. YouTube has managed to keep itself updated with the latest technology to give users a better information and video viewing experience.


But there's always two sides to a coin.

Did you know? After getting acceptance worldwide and becoming a huge hit within a few years of its launch, YouTube failed to impress many countries and got banned in many.

Let's talk about the viewers, because they're responsible for this blue line.

I bet you've at least once in your life watched this video on YouTube. That's the magic; it reaches out to billions of people. And audience can't stop sharing and liking this video even after all these years.

And what about Gangnam Style?

A sensation in the music industry of Japan. PSY's Gangnam Style has more views than the total population of many nations.

And what about tutorials?

YouTube has taught us many things, and you can't deny this. Even after using it extensively, we remain unaware of many features that this video platform offers to their users.

And this is one of them.

And this is one of them.

We ignored the most basic yet important feature of YouTube. The blue line below the view bar of YouTube videos. Do you ever wonder what this blue line indicates?

And that's how we never noticed.

And that's how we never noticed.

Even I failed to see it. Until the day when I had to find out the ratio of likes and dislikes of individual videos. Yes! You got this right. The blue line below the views bar of YouTube video indicates the ratio of likes and dislikes on the video.

For instance, if your video has 18,022 likes and 831 dislikes, then it means that likes on your video are 21.7 times more than dislike. Larger the blue line, greater the likes ratio. It not only helps you to evaluate video, but it's success ratio also. Or you can take reference from this blue line to find out if the content in the video matches the title.

Here's the catch! You can't always rely on the blue line, it is generated out of viewer's vote and it may vary from your opinion.

That's all, folks!


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