Brad Pitt Demands This From Angelina Jolie And She Refuses Him

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Brad Pitt Demands This From Angelina Jolie And She Refuses Him

After a long time, we've heard from our sources about Brad Pitt's reaction to his divorce with Angelina and custody of their children. Dad Pitt is willing to take a joint physical custody of his children along with his ex-wife Angelina.

Brad Pitt decided to take this action after Angelina filed a case against him in the court asking for the full custody of their children, who are aged eight to 15.

And there's something shocking revealed!



Angelina wrote under the reason for divorce section "Irreconcilable differences." And this type of divorces just means that no party is at fault for this divorce. Angelina is trying to save Brad Pitt from falling. Or it might be possible, that there's no particular reason for their split.

Which results in further questions.


If there's nothing wrong between Angelina and Brad Pitt, then why would she ask for the full custody of her children? With each day their case is becoming quite complicated.

Things going on with Pitt tells a different story.


As reports say, Brad Pitt is under investigation for an incident that happened between him and his elder son Maddox.

Both the actors have reached an agreement.


And both the actors can pay a visit to their children anytime while the investigation continues. 

The day after the plane altercation.


Jolie filed a divorce petition against the Fight Club star on Sept 20. Brad in answer to this has now requested the court for the joint custody of their children. And this remains one of the major issues after their split.

Initial divorce papers.

Brangelina divorce

The couple has six children together, namely Maddox, Zahara, and Pax, who are adopted, and biological children Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

What law states about custody?


Divorce courts in America favor joint custody of the children, but due to serious allegations and celebrity status, the judge's decision may alter.

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