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Movember Vs No-Shave November. Yes, There's A Difference!

With November looming upon us, men from all over the world are ditching their razors in favor of growing out their facial hair for a valid reason. 

'No Shave November' or 'Movember' has become a modern day tradition amongst men to show off their creativity through their beards and mustaches. 

While both are the monthlong campaigns that involve growing facial hair, to promote awareness of men's health issues, they are not one and the same.

Here are some things you should know about the two mustache-related movements.

Movember Vs No-Shave November. Yes, There's A Difference!

Movember Vs No-Shave November. Yes, There's A Difference!

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The No-Shave November

Movember vs No Shave November

It marks a unique way to raise cancer awareness by donating the money you would spend on grooming (your mustache) to educate people about cancer prevention and aid those battling the various forms of cancer.

The Movember Foundation

Movember vs No Shave November

Its mission is to stop men from dying too young and spend the entire month in raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health and suicide prevention.

The beginning of No-Shave November

Movember vs No Shave November

The organization began as a Facebook initiative in 2009, which motivates people to forego shaving for the month and donate what they would have otherwise spent on razors, barber, or the shaving cream.

The beginning of Movember

Movember vs No Shave November

Movember began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 by a pair of mates who wondered whether they could bring the mustache trend back into fashion. It encourages men to grow their mustache and/or take the Move challenge with some sort of physical activity.

In 2013, No-Shave November organization entered a partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Movember vs No Shave November

Since then, the organization has generated over 1,400,000 USD for the American Cancer Society.

In 2004 alone, Movember raised a good amount of money.

Movember vs No Shave November

Approximately AUD$54,000, the largest single donation was received by the PCFA (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia).

No-Shave November? Just don't shave.

Movember vs No Shave November

Participants are not limited to just mustaches. They can go wild with beards and side-burns. And, it also offers little more involvement of women, as they can participate by choosing not to shave their legs.

Movember? It's all about growing mustache


Participants can sign up on the website and dedicate an entire month to grow and shape the most creative mustache, garnering attention, and donations in the meantime. Women can also participate through the MOVE campaign (30-day physical challenge).

The idea is that the change in your lifestyle and appearance will spark conversations and bring awareness to the health issue.

So, which one do you support now?

Movember vs No Shave November

On the whole, despite their differences, participating in either will go a long way in contributing to men's health issues.

With November on its way, let's do your part and let your mustache grow.

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