14 Rare Facts About CM Punk That You Will Hardly Believe

14 Rare Facts About CM Punk That You Will Hardly Believe

WWE has been entertaining us from four decades. It has produced many geat wrestlers with time & some of them are our real heroes.

These heroes whenever appeared on screen entertained us with every single thing they did. CM punk is one of the finest wrestler that WWE has ever produced.

He has been an inspiration to all of us with that never giving spirit in the ring. Here are some facts about him that you hardly knew.

He is totally a Casanova, has dated 6 of female WWE Divas till date.


Do you know his favorite comic book? His famous cartoon comic is Preacher unlike ours' Batman or Superman.

Beside being a great wrestler & good public speaker, Punk is also attached musically. He is awesome saxophone player.

He's a Pescatarian, he has abstained himself from eating meat. But he still eat fish alot.

His favorite Starburst color is Red. He hates people who like yellow or blue color of Starburst.

He is the fastest wrestler to win a WWE triple crown. Triple Crown includes WWE, Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships. Only 19 wrestlers have done so & CM took the least time to achieve that milestone.

He Was An Extra In John Cena's Wrestle Mania 22 Entrance. Later, on with his constant hard-work, he made his place in WWE & Hearts of people. He is a true champ.

He is the only star wrestler who has won first & only Gulf of Mexico Match.

Punk had a very successful career in Ring of Honor, one of the biggest wrestling promoters and he is one of its head trainers for their wrestling school.

The CM in his name stands for ' Chick Magnet' People have wrong speculation about CM thing in his name. For them CM, meant anything from "Cookie Monster", , Charles Montgomery to "Chicago Made.

Being one of the great wrestler, he is always down to earth. He believes in simple life style.

He is totally freak about Tattoos. He thinks about every tattoos before making it on his body. His Tattoos has very deep meaning.

He is Threatened to leave WWE Championship twice.

Before ruling WWE, he ruled TNA too by winning heavyweight Championship. Feel free to share. You can follow us on twitter @WittyFeed.