12 LGBT Films That Shatter The Shackles Of Stereotypes

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12 LGBT Films That Shatter The Shackles Of Stereotypes

"If being homosexual is a choice, when did you decide to become straight?"

Homophobia, the dictionary meaning says it is prejudice or dislike against homosexual people. Every day at different form people come across homophobic's who open their big mouth backed by an empty brain to spit venom against the LGBT community. Is there any logical reason behind all? No!

The sad part is the portrayal of LGBT community in most of the films across the world. It is often ridiculous and downright insulting. Still, among all this smog of hate, there is a flicker of light here and there that brings hope for a better future. 

Here are twelve such films that address the serious issue of homophobia and showcase the LGBT community in its true colour.

1. The New Girlfriend


The movie revolves around a recently widowed man who slowly builds a strong bond with his wife's best friend. During the development of the bond, his compulsion to cross-dress (dress as a woman) slowly returns.
This movie has one of the nicest portrayal of conflicts that a crossdresser goes through.

2. The Danish Girl

Artist Einar Wegener found the courage in himself when his loving wife extended her support for his sex change operation. This film captures one of the first sex change operations in the history.

3. Tangerine

Two transgender sex workers, who are also friends, sets out on a journey to find the pimp who broke one of their hearts and put her behind the bars.

4. I Am Michael

This movie is based on the story of an 'ex-gay.' Michael Glatz created a storm of controversies when he renounced his homosexuality and said that he is returning to being a Christian born anti-gay person.
The story captures the journey and struggle of the protagonist beautifully.

5. Boy Meets Girl

A military veteran, a transgender woman, a Southern lady and a car mechanic form the four pillars of the film. The story tells the confusion of each of the characters regarding love and identity.

6. Carol

Based in New York, filmed in the 1950s, this film captures a period when uttering the word homosexual was a crime in itself. The story unfolds as a young departmental store worker meets a gorgeous older lady. Thus, begin a deep friendship which gradually changed into love. The best part of the film is that in the end there wasn't the obvious fate of the characters like dying or 'meeting the right man'.

7. Grandma

This story shows a sweet relationship of a grandma and her granddaughter. They come to know and embrace each other deeply when the partner of the lesbian poet dies, and she sets on this road trip with her granddaughter.

8. Bessie

The films show the life story of Bessie Smith, one of the greatest blues singers of her time who also identified herself as bisexual.

9. Eisenstein In Guanajuato

Sergei Eisenstein will always be in our memory for his revolutionised movie Battleship Potemkin. This movie captures the relationship of Eisenstein with another man when he was staying in Mexico.
It stirred endless controversies in his home country Russia which was driven by an orthodox society.

10. Girlhood

Four African-French teens go through a grilling journey of life while trying to deal with the aspect of their sexuality, gender, race and class.

11. Duke Of Burgundy

This films perfectly portrays the high sensual tension between two entomologists who gives in to the game of dominance and subservience.

12. Holding The Man

The story revolves around two boys who had the courage to fight for their love against all the obstacles of the society. Set in the 1970s, this movie tells the tale of two lovers who never shy away from conveying what they feel for each other.

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