These Delicious Quick Potato Recipes Will Make You Lick Your Fingers

Potato will wake up the lazy chef in you!

These Delicious Quick Potato Recipes Will Make You Lick Your Fingers

                                                 "Keep calm and eat potato"

Potato, the sweetly named vegetable fits almost in all kind of dishes. Boil it, beat it, or mash it, you will be bestowed with a delicious soul pleasuring taste. There are hardly any people in the world who will not be in love with this simple yet amazing vegetable, even if secretly.

Today, we take a chance to share the love for the potato with these delicious dishes. 

Ready to potate? Err... I mean, cook!

1. Potato in baked chips style

Quick potato dishes

Here goes the easy-peasy recipe!

1. Cut the potatoes into thin slices

2. Wash and put them in a bowl then sprinkle generous amount of oil

3. Put chilly powder, salt, garlic powder, and black pepper

4. Happily, mix them all

5. Put the slices of the marinated potatoes on the microwave tray

6. Bake for 35 minutes at 175 degrees C

Relax and enjoy your yummy spicy baked chips.


2. Potato in fried ball style

Quick potato dishes

Dig into your own super creation of golden fried potato ball to enter the world of total bliss. Here's the recipe.

1. Boil unpeeled potatoes till they are properly cooked

2. Peel and chop then put in a bowl

3. Add softened butter, salt, and black pepper

4. Then mash the potatoes and mix everything together

5. Add two egg yolks and mix again

6. Cover it and refrigerate for 2 hours

7. Take the dough and shape them into small balls

8. Dip into flour, beaten egg, and bread crumb

9. Put in boiling hot oil for deep fry


3. Potato in chilly style

Quick potato dishes

It's hot and it's yum! These are the words you will use when you will be devouring this delicious chilli potato. Now, let's see how it is made.

1. Grate small amount of ginger and garlic

2. Cut one capsicum into small pieces

3. Chop the potatoes in long pieces

4. In a bowl mix potatoes with corn flour and leave for 15 minutes

5. Put the mix into boiling oil and fry properly till well-cooked

6. Heat up some oil in another pan

7. Put the grated garlic and ginger, and capsicum to fry properly

8. Put soya and tomato sauce then stir well

9. Mix 1 tbsp corn flour into water and pour in the pan

10. Keep stirring till you get a thick gravy

11. Put tomato ketchup, green chilly sauce, red chilly powder, salt, and a pinch of sugar

12 . Put the gravy on low heat for some time after putting 1tbsp of vinegar

13. Put the fried potatoes in the gravy pan and mix well

14. Serve with chopped parsley for garnishing

Enjoy the mouth watering and hot delicacy of potato.

4. Potato in baked style

Quick potato dishes

We know nothing will make you more happy if you can Netflix and chill with baked potatoes. Ready to know the way to deliciousness?

1. Put unpeeled raw potatoes in the baking tray

2. Sprinkle olive oil and salt

3. Cover the tray to bake at 204 degrees C for 60 minutes

4. Cut the cook potatoes from middle without separating completely

5. Put some sour cream over the place

6. Then add red onion, shredded chicken, pepper, and salt

7. Wrap it in foil properly

8. Grill or bake for 10 minutes at 204 degrees C

Your sour chicken baked potato is ready (you can also replace the chicken with paneer)

5. Potato in mashed style

Quick potato dishes

Eat it as a side dish or dinner, we won't judge you. After all, it's potato.

1. Cut potatoes in chunk and boil properly

2. Transfer them into large bowl after draining the water and let it cool

3. Add generous amount of melted butter and mix properly

4. Then mash until you get a smooth mixture

5. Add salt and milk then keep mixing until it's smooth

6. Add roasted garlic and black pepper then mix it well

7. Put it in serving bowl and dress with chopped parsley

Bon Appétit!

6. Potato in pancake style

Quick potato dishes

Give a twist to the classic dish of pancake with potato. Ready?

1. Grate potatoes with a cheese grater and put them in a bowl full of water

2. Grate half onion in the same bowl

3. Let the potato and onion sit in the cold water for half an hour

4. Take two eggs, salt, black pepper, cornflower, roasted garlic in a bowl

5. Mix them properly till you get a smooth mixture

6. Drain the water from the potatoes and onions. Squeeze them properly to ensure that the water is out

7. Keep them in a bowl and put the mixture then mix them properly

8. Cover and let it sit for an hour

9. Take the mix and shape in form of pancakes

10. Deep fry in hot oil

Serve with sour cream and rosemary.

7. Potato in Dauphinoise style

Quick potato dishes

You can also surprise your guests with this easy and elegant recipe.

1. Slice potatoes in thin and round manner

2. Put them in a tray

3. Cut rounded red onions and put over the potatoes in the tray

4. Sprinkle salt and pepper

5. Cover it with creme and put some parsley

6. Put boiling water in the tray just enough to cover the half of the elements

7. Put it in oven and let slow cook

8. While the water boils add garlic over the elements

9. Add nutmeg and grated cheese

10. Cover it with foil and cook for 6 minutes

11. Remove the foil and add some more cheese

12. Bake for 15 minutes in 220 degrees C

13. Let it be golden brown

14. Serve with creme

Yummy, isn't it?

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