10 Indians Who Deserve To Be More Famous Than A Film Star

Some people may not be famous but their works are beyond appreciations.

10 Indians Who Deserve To Be More Famous Than A Film Star

Indian media talks a lot about what movie is getting released this week but do they care to shed some light on those who actually deserve the limelight? Not that much. But the true story is the works of those great personalities gets suppressed or stays limited cause they do no get any support from media.
So, we are trying to do our bit to provide them with the fame they deserve and we request you all to Share this and do your bit. Must-read story!

1. Jagdish Gandhi

Jagdish Gandhi

Jagdish Gandhi is the founder of the world's largest school, City Montessori School (popularly known as CMS). As per the last edition of Guinness World Records, CMS holds the title of having the highest number of registered students in a single city in any school with 39,437 registered students in the academic year 2010-2011.


2. Prakash Amte

Prakash Amte

Prakash Amte also known as India's Lion Whisperer is a person who converts scariest animals into pets with his love and care. He also devoted his entire life to tribal welfare, rural development, education and health of the people there.

3. Charles Correa

Charles Correa

Charles Correa is one of the most influential and dynamic architects of all time. Not only he was the chief architect of Navi Mumbai, the satellite suburb of Mumbai but also without giving consideration to his illness, he completed three breathtaking buildings abroad as well. They are the Ismaili Centre in Toronto, the Brain Science Center at MIT, Boston and the Champalimaud Centre in Lisbon.

4. Muthu 


Muthu helped a Japanese delegate Shri Shuzo Matsunoga to translate Tamil literature into Japanese language and for that reason the Japanese Government released a postal stamp on Muthu for in 2007. The one showed in thumbnail of this article guys!

5. Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval

When it comes to dealing with Pakistan, Ajit Doval is known as one of the most aggressive commentators and strategist. He made a speech in which he said, "If you do another Mumbai, you will lose Balochistan." This went viral in no time. Doval is no doubt a powerful personality in India but he is also considered to be one of the most dreaded operations men in South-East Asia.

6. Ravindra Kaushik

Ravindra Kaushik

Ravinder Kaushik was offered a job for being an undercover agent of India in Pakistan. At the age of 23, he was sent to Pakistan on a mission. He made valuable contributions to Indian military services. Sadly he died cause of tuberculosis and heart disease in New Central Jail Multan.

7. Tessy Thomas 

Tessy Thomas

Tessy Thomas is a scientist from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), and she also played a vital role in the making of a long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile, the Agni-V, and was capable enough to be the project head of Agni-IV missile.

8. Subodh Kumar Singh 

8. Subodh Kumar Singh 

Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh, a plastic surgeon from Varanasi also the director of G.S. Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital And Trauma Center. Almost 80% of his patients are treated for free, because they are poor and can not afford the heavy costs of plastic surgery.

9. Naga Naresh Karutura

Naga Naresh Karutura

Naga Naresh Karutura was from a small village and he lost both his legs in an early accident. However, his thirst for knowledge did not die and he continued to be cheerful and take life head-on. After studying hard, he managed a seat at IIT Madras from where he graduated and after his post graduation, now works at Google.

10. Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan was gang-raped by 8 men which motivated her to set up Prajwala, an organisation which supports prostitutes and also aids in their rescue and rehabilitation. Krishnan has won multiple awards and was in a position enough to be invited to speak onstage during the TED India conference.

Who do you think deserves the most appreciation?