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8 Most Powerful Couples Who Rule The Business World

Maintaining on the list of successful people in the world is quite difficult but keeping that position intact while having the support of a life mate is something out of the world. It is safe to say that in this generation that seeks for a balance, everyone tries to yearn for love and companionship along with the success factor.

Well, these famous power pairs have proved to be unparalleled forces in their industries be it politics, media or tech and proved that sometimes it takes two for cultivating power all around.

Check the list to know more about those power packed couples.

8 Most Powerful Couples Who Rule The Business World

8 Most Powerful Couples Who Rule The Business World

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8. Melinda and Bill Gates

most powerful couples

The list can't start without the listing of Gates duo. The man behind Microsoft, Bill Gates has a net worth of $79.7 billion and the American Businesswoman and philanthropist Melinda has a net worth of $70 billion. The two even run the largest private foundation in the world.

7. Mayer Marissa and Zachary Bogue

Most powerful couples

She is the CEO of Yahoo and he is a former lawyer who founded an investment fund Data Collective. The couple met when Mayer was working at Google. After becoming CEO, Mayer announced her pregnancy and now the duo are parents of a boy and twin daughters.

6. MacKenzie Bezos

MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos

The Founder of Amazon fell in love with an American Novelist. Bezos then expanded on one of the largest businesses in the world and MacKenzie founded the Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization in 2014.

5. Cher Wang and Wen-Chi Chen

5. Cher Wang and Wen-Chi Chen

Cher Wang, co-founder of HTC Corporation married Chen Wen-Chi, who is the President and CEO of VIA Technologies. Wang's religious zeal inspired her husband to convert to Christianity for her. The couple is proud parents to two cute children.

4. Nita and Mukesh Ambani

Nita and Mukesh Ambani

No one quite does it like the Ambanis do. Mukesh Ambani, possibly one of the richest men in the world and Founder of Reliance Foundation. The story of how Mukesh proposed to Nita at a traffic signal in Mumba(India) has won everyone's hearts. This Ambani-duo has raked up a billion-dollar business out of which much is given to charity.

3. Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller

3. Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller

Internet media mogul Barry Diller and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg first met in the 70s at a party. The pair balanced an on-and-off relationship for several decades and then finally got married in 2001.

2. Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli 

2. Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli 

Fashion legend Miuccia Prada, 64, runs the famous clothing company Prada with her husband Patrizio Bertelli, 67. The stylish power couple has a net worth of $19 billion.

 1. Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg

Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg

Sheryl is Facebook COO and her husband Dave Goldberg CEO of SurveyMonkey. The couple shares their household duties equally.They leave their work at the right time to have dinner with their kids daily.Both of them even act as a valuable source of business advice to each other.

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