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9 Ways To Make Your Relationship Best In The World

It took me a long time to know what love really felt like. And trust me, it's far beyond the whole concept of a honeymoon phase, buying gifts, or having sex all the time. That's not how it works. I mean of course these things are a part of it, but that does not justify love. The whole idea of love is when the two of you defy all the odds and choose each other every single day. But people don't get that and usually after the so-called "Honeymoon Phase" comes to an end, they tend to lose interest and call it quits!

See, I'm not saying relationships are easy and I know it definitely needs hard work and dedication to sustain one. So if you're seeking a little help when it comes to love, here are 9 tips for you to guide you in right way and you can totally thank me later.

9 Ways To Make Your Relationship Best In The World

9 Ways To Make Your Relationship Best In The World

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1. First and foremost, NEVER rush into things.

Relationship tips

You probably must have read this one before and NOW is when you should take it into consideration.

Don't listen to Elvis Presley and trust me when I say, only fools rush in. You never know what's in for you, so always trust the magic of time.

2. Pour your heart out every now and then

2. Pour your heart out every now and then

People who think it's cool not to express their feelings often, let me tell you that it's NOT cool at all. You don't have to be all mushy or sugar coated. But at least you can keep it simple. Because the other person can't keep singing their heart out to you while you sit there like a noob.

At some point, it would definitely make them feel stupid. So unless you really want them to feel that way, make your love heard and acknowledged!

3. Tad bit jealous? Cool. Over possessive? NOT COOL.

Relationship tips

It's absolutely cool if you're a little bit jealous when it comes to your better half. That's completely normal and even healthy for the two of you!

But what really a big turn off is, any of you being over possessively crazy about each other. Like c'mon, give each other a little break bruh and let them breathe.

I'm sure you wouldn't like someone constantly invading your space!

4. Trust issues: Don't ask them if they trust you, until you've built it.

Relationship tips

If you keep doing things that your partner doesn't like for obvious reasons and then one day you get up cribbing about how they don't trust you; don't feel bad when one day they decide to walk out of your life. 

Listen, it's quite simple, not everyone is as comfortable as you are when it comes to bringing their guards down. Remember it's a relationship, not your favorite restaurant where you order your favorite food, aur sab ready-made milega.

5. Be the support system.

Relationship tips

You're the one your partner seeks help from when they need someone in times of mid-life crises!

So make sure you're with them, guiding them, leading them and helping them get through the hard times. Because if you're not there, someone else is always ready to take your place.

So show them how irreplaceable you are!

6. Talk the talk!

Relationship tips

By that I mean, say it out loud to each other. No matter what it is, if you don't communicate your relationship won't last for a very long time my friend. 

Pro Tip- As a part of communication, listening holds the most important position.

So next time when your partner is being all cranky, instead of snapping back at them, listen to whatever they want to say. Sometimes you even have to read between the lines. (If you know what I mean!)

7. Do out-of-the-blue kinda things!

Relationship tips

Be the crazy spontaneous one, leaving your partner in awe! Ask them for a dance in the middle of the street, surprise them with a little get away for the weekend, or make them their favourite dish! There's so much to do and even if you do the tiniest of things to make them happy out of nowhere, trust me that would be more than enough to make their day.

8. Never try to change them for the world

Relationship tips

If you love someone, let them be the way they want to be. Don't force your values and judgments on them because that would only make things bitter between the two of you.

Accept them the way they are, and they would try their best to change for you.

That's the power of love.

9. Focus on the present to build a future

Relationship tips

To build a rock-solid relationship for life, one must acknowledge the ordinary moments. Because these are the moments that make a huge part of your memories to cherish forever.

Make sure the happiness between the two of you is always sustained.

And everything else is just temporary.

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