Her Fiance Broke The Marriage, What She Did Next Will Make You Happy.

Her Fiance Broke The Marriage, What She Did Next Will Make You Happy.

23 year old Shelby Swink, met her ex fiancé in the beginning of 2011 at a university in Tennessee and started dating soon after meeting him. Their relationship was put to a test in 2012 when her ex moved back to his hometown in Florida. After almost an year of long distance relationship, her ex surprised her by deciding to move to Memphis (which is Swink's hometown). They moved in by December 2013 and got engaged in March, the following year.

They planned to get married by November and started off with their preparations for the big day. The day, which was meant for them to celebrate their love and commitment, actually had some really unpredictable plans for them. Five days before the wedding the most unexpected happened. The couple sat down and Swink's to-be-groom told her that he was not in love with her anymore and did not want to marry her. Shelby went numb and had no idea about what she should do next. Thankfully, her friends and family showed their immense love, and support and stood by her.

As the day (which was supposed to be their wedding day) arrived, she decided that a pity party was the last thing she wanted. Few of her friends, came up with the idea of trashing the dress, which at first sounded totally insane. But, the bride being super strong decided to go with the idea with her own colorful twist.

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