Hazel-E & Masika's Meeting Tragically Ends In A Lot Of Wasted Liquor

This wasn't expected!

Hazel-E & Masika's Meeting Tragically Ends In A Lot Of Wasted Liquor

Hungry for Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood? Well, Let me inform you a piece of information in your mind. Hazel E is back, and this time she's getting a lot messier and wicked. Recently, Hazel E and Masika met after a long time since season one, but this rendezvous turned into a deadly feud.

"I don't want to hear what this b---h has to say to me, the only thing I want to hear from that collagen creation is an apology for what she said about my daughter." - Masika

Things are light, but it's Hazel E's messier style that is making things complicated for everyone around. Masika asked her to apologize, and what happened next only turned up the heat. Let's unfold...

Hazel E is back in the news with her latest quarrel!



It all started when Hazel E passed some comment on Baby Khari.


And after that Masika started pulling things off on her to set things up. Masika also wants Hazel E to say sorry for saying Fetty isn't a baby daddy. But she cleared it straightaway that apology is something that is never going to happen.

Let's rewind a bit.


Hazel E released a song that featured Masika's Baby Daddy Fetty Wap which was a huge hit but Masika thought that it was a flop.

That track forced Masika to tweet this:

That track forced Masika to tweet this:

She pointed out Hazel E's previous employment, and failures.

Reading her tweets, Hazel E tweeted this.

Urban model clapped for this...

So now you see why Masika has got it all tight, that's not all though.

Keeping all jokes aside, Masika tweets this.

Well, the entry of Hazel has made things look more interesting. Don't miss the latest episodes of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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