20 Tweets By Sehwag Which Prove That He Is The Nawab Of Trolls

Giving you some of his best moments on Twitter!

20 Tweets By Sehwag Which Prove That He Is The Nawab Of Trolls

Being active on social media is expected from every celeb these days. When talking about the celebs, our cricketers are not any less than the superstars. And, these real-time heroes are also leading the social media stage with the same sparkling energy.

While some of them are regularly in touch with their fans, former batsman Virendra Sehwag has managed to carve his own niche. 

Apart from sharing some amusing tweets from others, he often comes up with some great tweets of his own, and we cannot help but salute his sense of humor.

Here are some funny tweets by Virendra Sehwag in the recent times.

On KRK bowlers during 2016 IPL


Got completely overwhelmed by Sehwag's cheeky sense of humor.

When Saina Nehwal won the Australian open

Isn't his way of appreciating her the most unique? Love. Love.

Right in the feels

Sehwag on how Wifi has impacted our lives.

On Kevin Pietersen's birthday

That's the compliment only Delhiites will understand.

On Serena Williams' Wimbledon victory

He says it like he feels it.

On World No Tobacco Day

Now, this is the real deal.

On MS Dhoni's birthday

Don't miss the hashtag.

On a picture shared by Shoaib Akhtar

While Sehwag was pulling Shoaib's leg on social media, the Pakistani cricketer has laughed it off on most occasions.

Viru's most epic burn

Give that man (Piers Morgan) some water! Cause that's gonna burrrrnnnn!!!

When Viru tried to troll cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar....

...and prompted this hilarious exchange.

Congratulatory tweet for match-winner Ravichandran Ashwin..

..from one married man to another.

And this one for India's Test captain Virat Kohli

The great poet.

To wish team India's coach Anil Kumble

This awesome word-play is just mind-blowing

And this rhyming one for actor Vinod Khanna

With his wife...

This lovely sports metaphor to explain the complex concept of marriage.

This royal takedown of Shobha De for her infamous 'selfie' tweet

And when this pun takes down made us want to kneel before the tweet master.

Another one from the Olympic scenes

When he used Sholay's Gabbar Singh..

...to describe how women and Olympics had taken over our country

From the Olympic diaries...

More like Virendra Seh-SWAG, am I right?

Well, there are many and many tweets by Sehwag, where he nailed it.

People on Twitter have already unanimously crowned him "king of trolls." What title would you give to the legend? 

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