Scam In The Can? Guy Opens A 'Pringles Chips Can' And Finds Something Terrible

After 'Cancer in a can,' here we have another bizarre news!

Scam In The Can? Guy Opens A 'Pringles Chips Can' And Finds Something Terrible

''Too narrow for hands, too wide for a p____" is how I define a Pringles can.

You'll understand what I meant only if you're a Pringle lover and carry a dirty mind. And for those of my readers with an opposite mind-mapping, I recommend you to go ahead with the story.

They call Pringles the only chip company that doesn't sell air. But I guarantee you that by the end of this story you'll know that Pringles is now the only chip company that does not sell chips in a chip can!


Pringles, we loved you, but no more!

Scam In The Can

Having sold in more than 140 countries in 29 unique flavors from Bacon, Jalapeno, Ranch and Pizza to BBQ, Sriracha, and Honey mustard, Pringles is a trusted chips selling brand since past 50 years. People all over the world love to have this snack by them all the times.

But Pringles is changing now...


Pringles review

Pringles Chips Can

To our shock, we found that a lot of Pringles fans are turning their back towards their favorite grab and crunch junk food. As you already saw, the ratings tell the complete story of the downfall in the likeness of the popular and so-called trustable brand.

Why did I use ''so-called?'' Here is the answer...

Pringles consumer complaints

Pringles Chips review

The most common complaint that we found in our study on the consumer experience is that the consumers that are attached to the brand since the beginning find a dramatic change in the taste of chips and the decrement in the can size with the growing prices.

But what exactly did the guy find in his Pringles can?

Mr. Shashank Vaishnav, a Pringles lover and his story...

Pringles Chips bad review

On his way to Delhi from an Indian city of Indore, Mr Shashank took a bus that had a halt in the city of Karnal in the Indian state of Haryana. He thought of munching a quick snack and purchased a can of Pringles from the shop nearby.

To his utter shock, he was welcomed with a whole new avatar of Pringles and this time it was not about the shape or size but the product itself.

''You don't just eat 'em''

Scam In The Can

Yeah, Britannia Tiger biscuits, a handful of these biscuits were sitting inside the ''sealed'' can that was supposed to have Pringles chips as was obvious with the wrapping of the box that did not seem to have been forged. (if it wasn't done with 99% perfection)

Has the chips company turned cheap, that way?

This is how the guy revealed what he underwent in his Facebook group chat

Pringles Chips Can review

And all his friends were equally shocked and didn't exactly know how to respond and whom to blame and not blame for what happened.

This time it was just biscuits but...

Scam in the can

It could've been poison, something really injurious to the health and what if it was not the guy to open it but a kid who knew nothing of how a Pringles look and have eaten it?

The results could've been horrifying but luckily it came into light at the right time through the right person and medium.

Is this how Pringles wishes us the festive season ahead?

Scam in the can

You may question us on the credibility of those two pictures and ask that what if any local or the shopkeeper for that matter was responsible for it? Well, all that we can say is that the user just shared what happened with him and left everything on us to think.

However, the other news about the already unhealthy salty snack has a reason for you to quit eating it..

Pringles causes cancer, a source says

There have been many articles circulated on the internet that hint Pringles' ingredients' connection with Cancer. 

Share the story with your buddies and make them aware while asking them to stay alerted while buying such stuff.

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Will you still have Pringles in your favorites list?