After Reuniting With Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka Reveals A Big News

It's been four months only...

After Reuniting With Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka Reveals A Big News

Let's make America Wooo Again - Ric Flair

Is this a joke or what? A 30-year-old Waka Flocka Flame want to become the president of America? And It's even worse that Ric Flair is supporting them. Well, Waka Flocka and wrestling legend Ric Flair have announced that they'd like to make America woo again, and announced their bid for the presidency.

Flame previously told everyone that he'd love to run for the American presidency in 2016, but someone informed him that age would be the biggest barrier, and this is what happened.

The rapper and nature boy also shared a promo!

The rapper and nature boy also shared a promo!


And meanwhile, he is tweeting this...

Why'd he even thought of running for American presidency at first place?

Waka Flocka even released a video and announced something shocking!

In the video, Waka states, "Earlier this year, I announced my presidential campaign but due to Article 2, Section 1 saying I'm too young to f--kin' run, I've been forced to leverage bureaucratic loopholes just like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I'm now introducing the perfect running mate -- Nature Boy Ric Flair."

The Atlanta rapper had also announced in 2015 that...


He intends to run for the American presidency in 2016 cycle. He understood that he is not eligible to run for it, but he somehow managed to announce it as a running mate. 

And can you guess who is his representative mate?


Well, it's none other than a pro-wrestler Ric Flair. Yes! Ric Flair is not only supporting him, but Waka Flocka has urged people of America to vote for Ric Flair if they want him to win.

Only 20 days have left, and we've a new candidate!


Exactly, not more than 20 days have left in American presidential elections, and the rapper announces his presidency. I doubt that he'd win? What do you think?

Here's what they have to say...


Flair claimed, "he'd be quintessential running mate because he's the "kiss-stealing', wheeling and dealing, limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun."

Whereas, Ric adds, "You can have Waka Flocka and the Nature Boy on the same ticket now. Register to vote! We won't lose!" Both of 'em looked so enthusiastic in their promotional campaign that I'm sure they've convinced at least a few people to vote for them.

Now can you imagine them as the president of America? I bet, they'd be exciting as hell.