WikiLeaks Reveals: Hillary Clinton Will Easily Win The U.S. Elections

Cheating on a national level.


W ikiLeaks is one of the most controversial websites in the world. After all, its aim is to reveal to the world the secrets and lies every government and organization is trying to hide from the public. Thus, it is no wonder that Julian Assange has since been in hiding out of fear for his life.Likewise, WikiLeaks just revealed that the U.S. elections have been rigged. Read on!

According to WikiLeaks, there is basically no US election.



Some people have argued that WikiLeaks has been politically biased recently.

However, WikiLeaks had something to say to the accusers.

WikiLeaks asked the critics if they do not like knowing the truth.

After all, WikiLeaks has risked so much just to reveal all of the confidential data to the public.

Recently, WikiLeaks posted the emails from the personal account of Barack Obama.

Apparently, Obama already received a message from former President George Bush even before he won. There was already a plan regarding the transition because Bush knew he would win.

All of the allegations against the Democratic Party seem convincing.

All of the allegations against the Democratic Party seem convincing.

After all, the liberals clearly control mainstream media today.

Another Twitter post reveals a Princeton study declaring that the U.S. democracy doesn't exist.

Apparently, Herbert Sandler already knew this even without the study.

WikiLeaks has also clarified that it does not support Donald Trump.

They are simply criticizing the fraudulent ways of Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks has corrected Hillary's statement regarding Russia's involvement with the hacked emails.

Apparently, Russia wasn't even really identified by the intelligence agencies.

 The website also dislikes how Clinton's foundation pays women lesser than men.

This is a far cry from the gender equality that Clinton likes to talk about.

The current administration shouldn't have meddled with the criticisms.

WikiLeaks believes that the Obama administration is being unfair and unruly.

WikiLeaks also assured that founder Julian Assange was safe and alive.

A massive hacking incident happened yesterday in America. Apparently, this was a form of revenge by WikiLeaks supporters.

Check out this questionable CNN video.

As soon as the topic about WikiLeaks was brought up, CNN interrupted the interview feed.

What do you think of these revelations?