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How Possibly Did Lord Rama's 2600 Km Road Trip To Ayodhya End In 20 Days?

The festival of Diwali is knocking our doors with everyone from a student to a worker eagerly waiting for the vacations to go back home and celebrate the fest with vigor and gaiety.

Not entering our feet into the never-ending debate of why the festival of lights has now turned into a festival of sounds, let's try to find out the origin of Deepawali in the first place.

Keeping the celebration in the village of Ayodhya in November 7292 B.C. aside, the question that has already taken the historians and mythologists by storm is that ''How did it become possible for Lord Rama to cover a large distance in such a short time-period?''

Well, we are here with 3 possible ways he could've done that...

How Possibly Did Lord Rama's 2600 Km Road Trip To Ayodhya End In 20 Days?

How Possibly Did Lord Rama's 2600 Km Road Trip To Ayodhya End In 20 Days?

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Ramayana the epic

Lord Rama's 2600 Km Road Trip To Ayodhya

Back in the Treta Yuga, 'Maryada Purushottam' Rama's father and the King of Ayodhya was asked as a wish from one of his wives Kikeyi to send Lord Rama to the exile of 14 years in the forests. Lord Rama, being a quintessential child, agreed and left for the forest.

Lord Rama loses his equanimity

Lord Rama loses his equanimity

It was only when a series of incidents ended up Lord Rama's wife, Goddess Sita in King Ravana's captivity, that Lord Rama lost his calmness and finally had no other option left but to kill and dethrone the powerful and intelligent King of Lanka after a massive battle.

The next day saw Lord Rama crowning and giving the empire that he won to Ravana's brother and a very decent man, Vibhishana. Then followed his journey...

1) By foot: From Ram Sethu to Ayodhya

lord ramas road trip to ayodhya

(The image used above is not depicting the scene we're talking of)

The starting point isn't clear but let's keep it to be Ram Sethu and calculate the possible distance to the Indian village, now a city, of Ayodhya. From Ram Sethu to Rameshwaram is a good 30 Km stretch followed by another 2588 Km from Rameshwaram to Ayodhya. So this goes down to a total of 2618 Km long journey.

Lord Rama took 20 days to cover the distance

lord ramas road trip to ayodhya

Talking logically, Deepawali is celebrated 20 days after the celebration of Dusshera and for the villagers of Ayodhya to celebrate Lord Rama's arrival, a good 19-20 days was what Lord Rama was left with. Let's see what Google Maps has to say..

Google Maps agree with the 20-day logic

lord ramas road trip to ayodhya

If we agree to what many believe and what Google Maps say, the equation boils down to Lord Rama having walked 130 Km per day continuously for 20 days. That's kinda inhuman, but if we believe it due to the fact that we're talking about Lord Rama, walking 130kms a day with a speed of 9kmph will take 14.5 hours a day of unstoppable walking.

So what? It's still possible as they might have eaten their fruits through the vegetation and met their rest/sleep in the remaining 7-8 hours.

But Lord Rama was not alone

lord ramas road trip to ayodhya

Yes, he obviously had younger brother Laxmana and Goddess Sita with him after she jumped into the fire to give Agnipareeksha and came out safely as a proof that she was Pavitra

This is to throw light on the fact that all the three maintained the speed and health to cover such a nerve-wrecking distance.

Conclusion- Possible!

2) Using horses

lord rama road trip to ayodhya

A normal horse can traverse an average distance of 50-60 Km a day and going by this measure, it gets impossible for Lord Rama to cover the given distance. But, there is another twist in the story.

Considering many kingdoms and places for Lord Rama to visit and stay on his way back to Ayodhya, there is a huge possibility that he would've got the best of the horses that are fit enough to go 90-110 Km a day. And with each halt he'd have got a new horse to help him as it is not feasible for one horse to run that much daily.

So is this how Lord Rama completed his road trip?

lord rama road trip to ayodhya

Maybe, but this option still seems to be dubious when it comes to the logical calculations.

Result: Doubtful!

3) Using Pushpak Vimaan

lord rama road trip to ayodhya

There is a rich mystical history behind the existence of Pushpak Vimaan (Aircraft) that it was created by the famous craftsman Vishwakarma and given to the creator of the world, Brahma. Lord Brahma later gave it to Kuber who was the God of wealth living in Lanka who was defeated by Lankesh Ravana. Ravana, who then used the Vimaan lost it to Lord Rama after their face-off.

Is this how Lord Rama completed his trip?

lord rama road trip to ayodhya

There is a huge possibility of this being true but as is said, there also remains a doubt as many non-believers have come up with their own logics on Quora to prove this as wrong. All this with the hashtag #LordRamaRoadTrip trending on Twitter.

Conclusion: Strong possibility!

Well, we leave on you to take the call and tell us your views on the same. We also thank you for showing interest in this topic and take pride in wishing you and your well-wishers a very safe, happy and pollution-free Deepawali from the WittyFeed family.

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How do you think Lord Rama did what he did?

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