Martin Cast Reunites For Funeral Of Co-Star Tommy Ford

He will not be forgotten.

Martin Cast Reunites For Funeral Of Co-Star Tommy Ford

A few days ago actor Tommy Ford passed away; he was 52 years old. Most of the people know him for his character in a sitcom called Martin. People are already missing him, and especially students who were learning a lot from him through mass communication classes. His friends also joined the funeral, and many other people including relatives, neighbors, etc.

Tommy was laid to peace this week, and the day was made special because all the stars from sitcom 'Martin' reunited at his funeral. Tichina Arnold shared her picture with other co-stars, and the caption was beautiful.

Tommy's co-star Tichina Arnold



Tichina said, "Thank you all for your prayers & positive thoughts for Tommy & his family. A death of a loved one is NEVER easy.. but we must continue to be grateful 2God & blessed to have had Tommy in our lives. I sincerely thank all of you. Pray for us as we pray for you."

Tichina also shared this picture from Tommy's funeral...


She added, "PLEASE don't ask "Where's Martin?.." he was there too, just not in this picture. God bless you all.

Carl Payne couldn't stop himself from sharing this picture.


He was also a part of the great sitcom Martin, he loved Tommy Ford like a brother, and it was hard for him to hear this news about Tommy.

Martin Lawrence writes...


He said, "Tommy was not only a great co-star, but he was a great man and friend. He always brought with him his spirituality a positive attitude and so much joy. I am sad the world lost a great talent and that I lost an incredible friend. God bless him and his family."

Surely, words of this from his co-stars are proof, that he didn't only perform exceptionally well on-screen, but he was equally witty off-screen.

Tisha Campbell-Martin


She also shared this picture of Tommy Ford before he left this world, and urged people to pray for him. Out of all the co-stars, Tisha used to spend some extra time talking with Tommy.

Tommy suffered from Ruptured Aneurysm.


His poor health leads him to be put on life support system. The situation only worsened for him and after several days he died.

Tommy passed away on October 12th.


He left this world, but he will always be missed for what he has given us to remember. Tommy Ford also appeared in some other sitcoms like 'The Jamie Foxx Show' and 'The Parkers.' Even after dying, he gave his co-stars a reason to reunite through his funeral.

May his soul Rests In Peace.

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