Final Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton A Nasty Woman

I'll not abide any results that are against me! - Trump

Final Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton A Nasty Woman

The last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has already come to an end. Clinton's performance in all the three presidential debates has left Republican Party's campaign in ruins, and polls have already declared, Hillary Clinton, as the winner of all three presidential debates. But, this doesn't mean she has won the election. 

Many allegations are put on the presidential nominees that they have failed to talk noteworthy of Iraq and ISIS war, immigrants problem, the job security of a typical American citizen, and also about the all time low GDP of the USA. The answers that both of them have given to these issues were not satisfactory.

This debate has ended, but its effect has not. Here's a summary of the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Let's find out the progress of both the campaigns.

If you become President, this country is going to become a mess - Trump


Hillary talked about a lot problem that America is facing these days and Trump interrupted her saying, "you've worked in the politics of this country for more than 30 years, why have you never done it before?"

In reply to this, Hillary Clinton compared her 30 years of career with Donald Trump and proved that she's a stronger candidate to become the next president of America.

Trump is a Russian puppet - Hillary

We all know that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have said some kind words about each other in the past, and following that, Clinton called Donald Trump a Russian puppet. To this, Donald Trump fired back the same words for Hillary, and also interrupted her from completing the answer.

All the sexual allegations on me are "Debunked." - Trump

Trump further added on sexual allegations, "this is all being done by Hillary, she did it. Our current president of America is backing her up, and both of them are causing trouble in my campaigns, violence, bad publicity."

He also said, "Obama and Clinton hired people on rent for doing this." Donald trump called everything a conspiracy against him.

Will you accept the results of this election?

Trump's answer to this question is Horrifying - Clinton.

When asked about what Donald would do if he fails in the presidential election, Trump said, "It's suspense. I'll look at it at that time."

It is for the first time when Abortion problem is discussed in the presidential debate.

The American presidential nominee Hillary believes that every woman has this right to make the most intimate and important decision of her life about abortion, especially when it is related to her health. What's happening in America currently is that constitution is putting many strange regulations on women. It needs to stop.

Donald Trump didn't even answer this correctly.

Trump's take on charity.

When talked about charity, the presidential nominee Donald Trump called his Trump Foundation as a very small foundation and said, "100% of the amount that comes from charity, goes to charity, and I don't buy boats and planes with that money."

One big area where America needs to show concern

An Indian teenager was killed recently in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The presidential debate couldn't escape from such killings and the question regarding such killings was asked during the final presidential debate.

Donald Trump lit the internet with his this comment!

Here's the weirdest, most hilarious, and 'unexpected comment' from presidential nominee, and a billionaire Donald Trump about his opposition party's candidate Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton a nasty woman, and since then Twitter is trending with violence, memes, and opinions.

Final Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!

One thing that has come out of this presidential debate strongly is that Donald Trump, a billionaire, is not at all fit to become a leader of such a powerful country and army. Hillary brought to everyone's attention that bringing Donald Trump to rule Americans is as equal as choosing Hitler for Germany again. Though she didn't say this directly, but her way of saying this was, "We cannot trust Donald with his finger on 'nuclear weapons.' I can't even imagine what this world would be like having Donald Trump as their leader."

In less than three weeks from now, one of them is going to replace Barack Obama and get crowned as the next President of America in the rule. Watch first, second and third presidential debate carefully and decide wisely whom you're going to choose as your president.

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