What Was Steve Jobs' Death Cause? WikiLeaks Medical Report Points Towards HIV!

How exactly did the Apple Co-founder and a world tech leader die?

What Was Steve Jobs' Death Cause? WikiLeaks Medical Report Points Towards HIV!

It was October 5, 2011, when the world woke up to the extremely sad news of the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs' sudden death.

I was never into stuff related to the tech world but this news was going to affect us all, to everyone who ever needed the inspiration to take myriads of challenges and yet stay strong and keep moving.

A beautiful mind had left the world with an unanswered question.. ''Why so early?''
This was when almost every curious mind under the sun went on to search for the Steve Jobs death cause and Google told them that the man behind Apple Inc died of Pancreatic Cancer.

We believed Google, but someone totally discarded the info and that someone was Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Julian Assange quotes

Julian Assange is the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, which is a non-profit journalistic organization that publishes secret information about what matters to the world. He has faced a lot of troubles in past with the Swedish sexual assault allegations which he rebuffed later. He is also famous cum infamous for hacking into the Pentagon and many telecommunication websites.


What has WikiLeaks done in the past?

Wikileaks logo meaning

The greatest stories on WikiLeaks consist those on Guantanamo bay operating procedures, the collected secret 'bibles' of Scientology, Climate research unit emails, Australian email blacklist, Trafigura's Minton report and so on.

WikiLeaks' logo itself depicts how an unknown world's information is dropping into the other world that wants to know what is affecting their world and why.

WikiLeaks works on a major aim of revealing everything to the society that needs to be known by all. Only recently, WikiLeaks came out with yet another publish of Steve Jobs medical report.

Steve Jobs WikiLeaks medical report

Steve Jobs Wikileaks medical report

The leak saw two of the 'claimed' original reports of Steve Jobs' medical checkup dated September 1, 2004. An HIV testing company SxCheck is where the checkup was allegedly performed. But, there is another twist to the story...

What about the Pancreatic Cancer?

Steve Jobs HIV

If the reports issued by WikiLeaks are to be considered as true, and the reason of Steve Jobs' death that was told to the world as Pancreatic Cancer too is held to be true, chances are strong that the Cancer was a Kaposi's Sarcoma that emulate Pancreatic Cancer in HIV-Positive patients.

An air blowing strong around the internet said something else...

WikiLeaks Honors Steve Jobs with Fake HIV Report

Steve Jobs Wikileaks medical report

Many claimed that the Torrent file that was uploaded by WikiLeaks is nothing lesser than a bullshit because the report suggests that the test took place back in 2004 while the company SxCheck itself was founded in 2006. However, another story on the same said that SxCheck reissued the results of the test taken by Steve Jobs with its parent company Adult Industry Medical Health Care Organisation that was founded in the 1980s.

Whatever be the truth, Steve Jobs supporters went on to bash Wikileaks for being too insensitive and path-diverted to publicize and reveal such a private information of a personality of his stature.

Steve Jobs quote on how a life should be lived

Steve Jobs life quotes

Steve Jobs medical reports published by WikiLeaks might either be true or forged. But, the lessons that this man of words taught the world can never get affected. He always pushed the fact that a life should not be trapped in any dogma, but it must be free from what others think or say.

WikiLeaks has exposed many issues correctly in the past

Sarah Palin controversy

When the 2008 Republican candidate John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account got hacked revealing many of her private data, it came up that Mrs Palin was using the private account for meeting the official business to avoid American public record laws.

This video shows a clearer picture of what we meant

While the reason of his death has nothing to do with how much we respect him, the basic reason behind all this hype is the fact that he is still and will always remain extremely popular and we are here to know and find more of him.

WikiLeaks should be named as ''ShockiLeaks'' after this shocker

WikiLeaks should be named as ''ShockiLeaks'' after this shocker

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