Manny Pacquiao’s Backyard View Will Take Your Breath Away

Manny and Jinkee share pictures of their backyard!

Manny Pacquiao’s Backyard View Will Take Your Breath Away

After seeing successful legends and their wives as their support system,I have started believing truly to the well known saying - 'Behind every successful man there is a woman'. Look at Manny Pacquiao, the professional boxer now a senator, who has a strong support system in the form of his 37-year-old wife, Jinkee Pacquiao.

Despite having the fair share of turbulence in the relationship, the Philippines' couple have sustained to remain the most popular and powerful couple in action.The couple has shared the beautiful picture of their backyard for the first time.
So, don't miss the chance and have a look.

Meet Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao.



The lovely couple got married in May of 2000.

How beautiful his wife, Jinkee is!


Jinkee was even elected in May, 2013 as a member of the United Nationalist Alliance.

Well, but Jinkee got retired and then after that...


She has just concentrated on her family and businesses.

Lovely lady posts many pictures on her Instagram account.


She seems thankful for all the blessings her family is receiving.

Isn't she gorgeous?


I mean, drop-dead gorgeous.

Well, she has even posted pictures of her place.


The beauty at its best.

One more picture but this time of backyard.


The view is absolutely peace-giving.

The mother of five!


Doesn't this picture remind of the way our mother loves us?

Indeed! Perfect family.


If you wish to see more of their pictures then keep coming and reading.

Visit Manny Pacquiao's Palace!

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