Woman Was Suffering From Thigh Fat Gain, Then The Doctor Revealed...

The reason is not what you think. 

Woman Was Suffering From Thigh Fat Gain, Then The Doctor Revealed...

Sometimes, weight gain is disproportionate in nature and avoiding it can have severe consequences on your health. Emily Bartley suffered from extra fat in legs and failed to find the reason for years. When Emily turned 10-year-old, she began to weigh more than 20-30 pounds than her friends.
Emily's weight gain was shocking as she was an athlete and active girl from her childhood itself.

Read on to know the reason behind sudden weight gain of Emily Bartley.     

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Emily Barley suffered humiliation due to her sudden weight gain. 



She had no clue about her extra fat in legs. 

At the age of 14, Emily started taking healthy diet and daily exercises. 


Even after losing 30 pounds, her weight seemed to be at a standstill. 

Emily understood that something was wrong with her body. 


She noticed extra fat in legs which became disproportionate with time. 

Emily was unable to even stand properly. 


After years of suffering, Emily consulted Dr. David Amron for diagnosis of her illness. 

She was diagnosed with a rare disorder called lipedema. 


Symptoms of lipedema include column-like legs with bruises that are considerably larger than the upper part of the body.

Lipedema also involves a painful condition of storage of fluids in the lymph nodes called as lymphedema. 


This rare disorder generally affects women and causes hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or puberty. 

Emily was diagnosed with lipedema during her puberty. 


This genetic disorder causes storage of fat excessively in legs and arms. 

The worst thing about lipedema is that it has no cure yet. 


Liposuction is the only solution which is not covered by insurance. 

Emily made the decision of undergoing the surgery. 


However, she was unable to get full result for a few months.

But a noticeable difference is evident from her pictures. 


Emily is now inspiring other women to understand the reason behind their weight gain. 

She has become very fit and health conscious now. 


She shares her workout and diet snaps with her friends and followers. 

Fat storage in specific parts of body is an alarming situation.


If you're also suffering from sudden weight gain, then it is time to know the reason. 

Watch the video of Emily Bartley spreading awareness about Lipedema.

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