Melania Trump Blames Billy Bush For Donald's Leaked Video And Twitter Mocks Her

It can't get hilarious than this!

Melania Trump Blames Billy Bush For Donald's Leaked Video And Twitter Mocks Her

Twitter is trending hilariously, and this time, it's not Donald Trump. But, the lady who has been mocked is related to Mr. Trump. Yes! You guessed it right; she's none other than Melania Trump. She was on a show with radio host Billy Bush and pointed her finger at Billy for the video of Donald Trump that has circulated, in which they're talking about assaulting women sexually.

'Provoking' Donald Trump to talk about assaulting women sexually? Now you all might wonder since when Donald Trump started needing 'provocation' to talk about women and sex? Well, that's the reaction of the whole world and they've reacted on this through Twitter with some amusingly awesome tweets using the hashtag #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt.

We bring you some of the wittiest "Billy Bush Made Me Do It Tweets."

This one's amusing!


Melania Trump's Twitter handle flooded with these funny tweets. 

You cannot stop laughing at this one.

Look at his reaction and melodramatic face. He's not at all diplomatic, then how can we think about making him the king of the world's diplomats?

He's surely not missing any chance of doing this publically!

Melania Trump mocked on Twitter because of her dumbest comment ever and she still says, #billybushmademedoit.

Citizens of the US are angry over Trump...

And now Melania's nonsense Twitter quotes are making them feel shame around the world for choosing billionaire Trump as their presidential nominee.

And when it comes to delivering a public speech...

Melania Trump's speech on Twitter is once again trending and that is all because Billy Bush made me do it.

It has surely created a laughing-riot on Twitter!

Log in to Twitter today, and you'll not sign out without laughing! People are making good use of it.

And this one's my favorite!

Only if Hitler was alive! We've learned from our history, and we've built the world around us that is technologically so sound that no bad thing can happen without our consent. This world now runs on Democracy, and no evil can triumph over truth. Only if Hitler was alive, we could've showed him this, and might have saved millions of Jews who lost their lives because of stupidity!

Let's not make it happen again. Donald Trump and his wife have always proved with their public appearance that they can't make America great again!

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