This Is How Shaheer Sheikh Made His Body Fit For The Role Of Arjun 

Shaheer’s fitness story will make you hit the gym right now. 

This Is How Shaheer Sheikh Made His Body Fit For
The Role Of Arjun 

Shaheer Sheikh is the new age Arjun of television. Bagging the role of Arjun in the epic Mahabharat was a life changing experience for the actor. After getting the big break, Shaheer went an extra mile to make changes in his lifestyle. His fitness journey is awe-inspiring. Let's take a sneak peek into the lifestyle of Mahabharat fame actor.  

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Shaheer Sheikh who hails from Jammu went on to study law in Pune. 



He started his career as a lawyer and never even thought of becoming an actor in his life. 

But fate had different plan for him. 


 An assistant director discovered him on social media.  Shaheer accepted the offer and started his career with the daily soap 'Kya Mast Hai Life' in 2009. 

Getting role of Arjun in Mahabharat serial was a dream come true for Shaheer. 


The lawyer turned actor explained, "I always wanted to play a warrior prince and what better than playing the best. When I first got the offer, I couldn't sleep for nights!" 

The 32-year-old actor carried out extensive research on Arjun for 3 months. 


Reel life Arjun explained, "I did a lot of reading. Arjun is known for his focus and determination and athletes and sportspersons in India are inspired by him. Preparing for this role over this last year has had a very positive effect on me." 

Shaheer feels that the character of Arjun is quite powerful. 


And he doesn't fear getting typecast in this role. Mahabharat actor explained, "This Mahabharat is as real as it gets. It's something today's generation can identify with." 

Unlike others, Shaheer doesn't crave for six-pack. 


He explained, "Not six-pack, I just wanted to get stronger." 

Shaheer made some significant changes in his lifestyle for this role. 


Playing the role of Arjun in Mahabharat has been a wonderful experience for Shaheer Sheikh. 

Mahabharat actor was never a morning person. 


Shaheer never ever went to gym in his life earlier. 

But now the TV actor has become an early riser and fitness freak. 


Shaheer explained, "Now, I am more disciplined. Past six months, I have become an early riser. I go for a run, work out and take care of my diet for this character."

Reel life Arjun is not interested in looking like a model. 


Shaheer explained, "I just wanted to be stronger. My dhanush is seven-feet tall and I wanted to lift it with ease and have the right body posture. I was always told that I didn't have to look like a model, but a warrior." 

Mahabharat actor has earned great fame and popularity through the character of Arjun. 


He has a great fan following not only in India but also in Indonesia.

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