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Instead Of ‘Ranji’ Trophy, This Leading Newspaper Wrote 'RANDI'

Human errors are common but sometimes a small mistake can lead to an embarrassing situation. And when it comes to a publication house, it reaches lakhs and crores of people and hence errors from their side is simply not acceptable.

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Instead Of 'Ranji' Trophy, This Leading Newspaper Wrote 'RANDI'

Instead Of 'Ranji' Trophy, This Leading Newspaper Wrote 'RANDI'

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A famous sports journalist, Ayaz Memon just spotted Ranji Trophy written as Randi trophy.

It was shocking to know that this typo mistake was seen in one of the leading newspapers of India.

Ayaz took on twitter to share the error with everyone.

Other than this, Yusuf Pathan was corrected to 'Sufuse Nathan' and Pinal turned 'Final'

Tushar Deshpande turned to 'Tush Spandex' and Aditya Waghmode was written as 'Acidity Demode'.

Which means, the editor used the auto-correct option and did not proof read the article.

Wondering which newspaper? The Twitter user gives the best answer.

People concluded that the editor was tight while editing the story.

While some other said, he was serving his notice period.

Seems like auto-correct option was not a best friend of this editor.

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