Earn 3.50 Crore Per Year By Doing Business With The Great Khali 

Great news for fitness freaks and aspiring businessmen.  

Earn 3.50 Crore Per Year By Doing Business With The Great

The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana is one of the most popular wrestlers of WWE. Former world heavyweight champion started his own wrestling school in Punjab in 2015. Sometimes back, there was news about come back of The Great Khali in the wrestling world. 

Former world wrestling champion is also planning to enter into the gym business. Indeed, it is good news for all the gym lovers in India. The best thing about this news is that you can also do business with the legendary wrestler. The Great Khali is planning to open the franchises of his gym in all parts of India. 

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Here is the golden opportunity to do business with The Great Khali. 



Khali is willing to open more than 50 ventures of his gym in India. 

Besides fitness training, the gym will also offer training in wrestling. 


The Great Khali has declared that he will be giving franchises of his gym in India and you can also apply for it. 

The 44-year-old wrestler's gym will be named as 'The Great Khali Gym And Fitness Club.' 


The ambience of whole gym will be based on the theme of wrestling.  

A welcome message from Khali will be played whenever a customer will enter the gym.  


The whole process will be automated for best experience. 

The gym will require 4500-5000 square feet of land for construction. 


It will have other unique features such as lounge, kids' zone, Khali gallery, marathon track, 2 spa, 2 jacuzzi and sweat rooms. Apparels and footwear will be kept for sale in Khali gallery. 

There are some terms and conditions for getting franchise of this epic gym. 


According to the reports, the expenditure on gym's infrastructure would be around 3.50 crores and sign up fees of The Great Khali would be 35 lakhs. 

Besides these expenses, franchisee needs to spend 50-60 lakhs on the maintenance of gym every year. 


The membership fees of this gym would be similar to any premium gym i.e. Rs. 27000-28000 per year. 

It is estimated that minimum 700 people will become members of every franchise of this gym. 


If reports are to be believed, the earnings from the gym would be around 2 crores. On the other hand, earnings from Khali gallery, Zumba, aerobics, and power yoga would be around 1.50 crores.  

The money invested by franchisee in infrastructure would be returned from gym earnings within a year itself.  


Food supplements such as protein bars would be sold in lounge for Rs. 2000 per kg. 

Every gym franchise would be inaugurated by The Great Khali himself. 


Students of Khali would be given priority for the profile of trainers at the gym. 

Khali will make an announcement for inviting applicants for franchise in Delhi on October 16, 2016. 


Then, he will be starting the process of giving franchise in other cities of India. 

You can find about the online process of application for franchise on internet. 


Full details are available on the website of Franchise India.

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