She Eats 50 Bananas A Day To Get A Body That Every Girl Craves For

Banana girl loses 20 kg with this diet. 

She Eats 50 Bananas A Day To Get A Body That Every Girl Craves For

Have you heard about the infamous banana girl from Australia? Leanne Ratcliffe aka Lin Ratcliffe has taken the internet by storm with her banana diet. She eats 50 bananas a day and looks completely unrecognizable now. Lin Ratcliffe became an internet star overnight with the amazing results obtained by banana diet.   

Read on to know the unusual story of the banana girl.

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Meet the banana girl. 


Lin Ratcliffe has 450,000 followers on Instagram and 245,548 followers on Facebook. 

She eats 50 bananas a day. 

Banana girl believes that fruit diet can help her in getting a fit body. 

Ratcliffe made her own nutrition plan without consulting a dietitian.  

She named it as 'Raw till 4' diet plan. 

Banana girl eats only raw fruits till 4 in the afternoon as per her plan. 

She eats a vegan meal containing carbohydrates in dinner. 

Ratcliffe lost 20 kg with a banana diet which inspired other women to follow her. 

Her diet went viral on social media with the hashtag #bananagirldiet. 

Two servings of fruit every day are sufficient for us.

But she eats 50 bananas a day to remain fit. Ratcliffe shares her banana diet and fitness secrets with her followers on her website and YouTube channel. 

She believes that high carbohydrate and low fat is good for health.

Banana girl even followed the raw till 4 diet plan during her pregnancy. She insists that banana diet is healthy as she and her baby suffered from no ill effects due to her diet plan. 

According to Raw till 4 diet plan, one must not consume cooked food until 4 pm.

The diet should consist of a huge amount of a single fruit, such as two entire pineapples, five mangoes, two litres of orange juice, 1.4 kg of apricots or 20 bananas. After 4 pm, banana girl eats cooked meal containing a single ingredient in large qualities such as 3.5 kg of potato baked in an oven or another meal of fruit. 

Banana girl shares her bikini pictures on social media to give fitness goals to her followers.

Ratcliffe claimed that there are many other benefits of banana diet in addition to weight loss. Raw till four diet plan helped her to get rid of acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function, and digestive disorders. 

Ratcliffe's banana diet has started the craze of fruit diet among girls. 

But the question still remains whether this diet is really good for health? 

A human body needs a daily dose of calcium, vitamins and fats.  

Evangeline Mantzioris, the nutritionist, explained, "Diets like this are not good for the body because the body does not receive important minerals such as calcium, healthy fats, and vitamins. Too much fructose from fruit is equivalent of a few cans of Coke a day." 

Raw till four diet plan is not at all healthy for the body. 

Fruits must be included in the daily diet, but it is foolishness to rely completely on them. 

Watch the video of the daily schedule of banana girl. 

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