Basketball Star Wives LA: DJ Duffey And Tami Roman Had A Massive Fight (Video)

Bitching and fighting!

Basketball Star Wives LA: DJ Duffey And Tami Roman Had A Massive Fight (Video)

Basketball Wives LA group was out on a trip to Portugal when Tami Roman and Dj Duffey engaged into a nasty fight. Tami was thirsty for blood, and Dj Duffey was saved because of the filming crew!

What was the reason for their fight and seeing them in action is a fascinating story! Scroll down.

Tami Roman attacked Dj Duffey for a reason!



Dj Duffey could do nothing, but defend herself!


It all started because of Jazz Anderson...


Dj Duffey wanted to work as an assistant director for Jazz Anderson's music video 'All I Want,' but Tami Roman fired her and out of revenge Dj Duffey said, I only work with 'real artists.'

Dj Duffey couldn't keep her mouth shut!


The fight started on a cruise when Dj talked about her fight with Roman. Tami couldn't tolerate her words and jumped at her with the intentions to beat her.

Reports also say, that Tami and Dj Duffey both didn't wanted to come for this group trip to Portugal.

No one could help!

No one could help!

No one could save Dj Duffey when Tami lost her anger and jumped over Dj Duffey.

The song that has caused all the trouble!

Jazz Anderson didn't even try to make it 'work' for these two stars, and it resulted to this!

Watch them in action here!

See the complete video know how they both landed into the fight and how the crew had to come in between to save one of them from dying!

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