Sad News: Drake And Rihanna Are No More A Couple

Drake and Rihanna finally decided to split! 

Sad News: Drake And Rihanna Are No More A Couple

I never thought that I'd be reporting this, but it's true that Rihanna and Drake are unable to make their relationship 'work' and they've decided to split. The most loving couple from Hollywood have failed to stay together for a long time, and there can be so many reasons for their breakup.

Recently, we also reported that Drake is meeting and having dinner with a model Dakota Gonzalez and Rihanna found out everything about them. I wonder, why Drake did that billboard and tattoo thing to impress Rihanna? 

It pains me to say that these two lovebirds have decided to stay away... Read the complete story!

The couple has decided to quit!



Unable to give each other the much-required attention, and spending more time alone, Drake and Rihanna couldn't keep their hearts together, said the reporter.

They're not exclusive anymore.


Drake and Rihanna still love each other, but our tipster has informed that they're not exclusive anymore. The couple is seeing and meeting other people also.

The couple who gave Hollywood some of the best PDA moments.


Recently, Rihanna and Drake kissed each other passionately at one of their concerts. So not having much time to spend together cannot be a reason for their split, as they're already performing together once or twice in a month.

What happened between them?


Reports are all against Drake. It is said that Drake is the culprit behind this split. He cheated on RiRi with two models.

So, that means we'll not see them together?


Yes! It might be possible that the couple who took the world by surprise at the MTV VMA's night 2016 would not be seeing each other anymore.

What happens to Drake then?


Nothing, absolutely nothing! Drizzy would not be affected by this breakup, he is already spending time with some models, like Dakota Gonzalez and India Love.

And what about our RiRi?


It's hard to say anything about her at this moment. Rihanna is still searching for that peace of mind and trying to reconnect where she made a mistake. Well, Drake never deserved her maybe. RiRi has spent most of her life alone, and wouldn't be afraid of doing it all over again. Only time will tell.

Why is India Love dating Drake?

Why is India Love dating Drake?

The news was out that, India's ex 'Cliff Dixon' was cheating on her with Rihanna.

It seems that Drake doesn't care about RiRi, and it was easy for him to move on. Well, what happens next is still a mystery, but RiRi and Drizzy will not be spotted together, again.

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Are you happy with the break-up news of the couple?