Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Not Vote For Donald Trump And The Reason Is...

It'd be my first vote against Republican!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Not Vote For Donald Trump And The Reason Is...

Arnold Schwarzenegger or I should say, 'The Terminator' is speaking his heart out on the American election for the first time. He did not support Hillary Clinton in his comment, but he clearly made a point that he is not going to vote for Donald Trump.

Arnold said, My first label is American, and it comes before any party. I am going to vote for my nation, and I also urge my Republican Party supporters to come in front and vote for the right candidate.

Mr. Arnold is a proud American.



Right after the announcement of Presidential Candidate from both the parties, Arnold kept his mouth shut for a long time when asked about his views. But, recently he opened his mouth, and that clears all our doubt that why he refrained himself from answering such questions.

He never said this before.


Arnold is not only proud of being an American citizen, but he has vigorous and good taste in political matters. He is also proud of his policy choices and has always supported the Republican Party of America. The Terminator always has a soft corner for his political party, but this time, he is not lenient about this. 

His Instagram posts speak a lot!


If you have a close look at his Instagram profile, you'll see that he is more into politics than Hollywood. Mr. Arnold has always been inspiring people to think about their country first, and then to support their political parties. He said country comes first.

A big fan moment for Arnold.


Arnold stated that he is the biggest fan of David Cameron. He also shared his feelings for playing the character of David Cameron someday through his film.

But, what this picture is doing in his profile?


This picture was uploaded before any statement came from Arnold regarding presidential elections in America. What is he doing with Clintons? Well, the whole scene is quite clear, Arnold is trying to shift his political career from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and he wants to do it swiftly.

But, if he is not willing to change his political beliefs from Republican to Democratic, then I must say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most loyal American citizen.

Follower of Nelson Mandela.


A philosopher, a politician, and the President of South-Africa, Nelson Mandela, has inspired Arnold's political views and his choices. His profile is flooded with political talks and pictures, and this is all because of the upcoming presidential elections to be held in America.

If he leaves the Republican Party to join Democrats after Hillary Clinton's win as the new President of the United States Of America, then I'll not at all be shocked.

Arnold said- I will not vote for Donald Trump!


But, why? This question is still unanswered, The Terminator is not opening up on this, and he only said, "For the first time since I became a citizen in 1983, I will not vote for the Republican candidate for President. As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one name that I hold above all else- American."

By far it is clear that Donald Trump has already lost his first vote. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency of America, then we'll assume that Arnold voted in her favour. We can do that, right?

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Do you really think that Arnold will leave the party if Hillary wins?