Pune Girl Comes Forward To Change The Security Guard's Life Who Lost His Cycle  

Pune girl proved that humanity still exists.  

Pune Girl Comes Forward To Change The Security Guard's Life Who Lost His Cycle  

Helping is a trait of human beings that is on the verge of extinction these days. People are so busy in their own life that they hardly take out time from their busy schedule to help someone. Well, this is not the case with everyone. This story of Pune girl and ATM security guard will make you to restore your belief in humanity. Read on!   

Source: Facebook

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Tanvi Jain from Pune, India met a tensed ATM guard on October 1, 2016. 


The security guard was hurriedly looking for his stolen bicycle. 

The poor man was unable to afford a new cycle.  

So, Tanvi decided to help him get a new one. 

The compassionate girl posted this image on Facebook. 

Tanvi requested all the kind people of Pune to help the ATM security guard. 

Her post went viral on Facebook.

Her post went viral on Facebook.

Many people came forward to help the security guard. 

However, Tanvi also received criticism from her haters on social media. 

But she shut the mouth of those people with this post. 

Within a few days, Tanvi succeeded in buying a new bicycle for the guard. 

Tanvi's friends and 'Cafe with a Twist' restaurant helped in providing funds for a new bicycle. 

Tanvi shared this good news with her friends on Facebook. 

She received great appreciation from her friends and followers for her good deed. 

The expression on guard's face was priceless. 

Keep up the good work Tanvi Jain. We really need good people like you in the society.

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