Second Presidential Debate: Trump Wants To Send Hillary To Prison

Trump and Hillary didn't shake their hands!

Second Presidential Debate: Trump Wants To Send Hillary To Prison

Second Presidential Debate between the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton held at Washington University, in St. Louis.  

America is suffering from a massive storm and natural tragedies, but still, the presidential debate started on time. There was something unusual about this debate from the beginning as Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton did not shake their hand like they did in the first presidential debate.

The major part of the debate was when Donald Trump threatened Hillary Clinton openly. Here's the complete story!

If you missed the first Presidential debate, read here.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face each other at the second presidential debate.


They started this debate unlike the first presidential debate, and both of them didn't even try to shake their hands. So, is the heat already getting hold of Clinton and Trump?

That's how they both reacted when asked to speak positive words about each other!

Clinton was trying to say she'd choose Trump's children as the President of America, and Donald Trump couldn't keep himself silent for a moment and said "without emotions" that he respects.

When asked about Supreme Courts policies, Clinton outsmarts Trump.

Clinton said, she'll have a good look at the current policies and no doubt there are some dents, whereas giving the most inappropriate answer, Donald Trump said, he'll appoint new judges.

Why do you want new judges Mr Trump? After White House presidency you'll want to control the law of America, right?

Hillary was questioned for calling Trump a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and xenophobic.

Clinton justified her answer and said, looking at the campaign that he has run and the violence in his rallies, his aggressive approach, and comments in the interview that he is giving proves them all right.

I'm not 'unproud' of whatever I said on Twitter, said Trump!

Well, it seems that Donald Trump is not at all ashamed of his tweets. I don't think these people would love this statement.

Clinton added, We've recovered nicely from the recession, but if this man wins, he'll send us back to those days with his terrible tax plans.

Do you believe that you can be the President of America?

Donald Trump: "Absolutely!"

Clinton: "I will do everything I can, to reach out to everybody."

I'd get along with Russia, said Trump

Well, it seems that Russia is playing a very crucial role in these presidential election of America.

Clinton stated, publicity of 'terror sites' are used very well to recruit 'fighters.'

While Clinton was talking about fighting terrorism inside and outside of the America, Donald Trump interrupted her again.

Trump even compared Hillary with Abraham Lincoln.

Trump said, there's one major difference between Abraham Lincoln and Hillary, "honest Abe never lied."

Thank God! Trump is not in charge of law in our country, said, Hillary.

Trump interrupted: You'd be in jail!

Is this how he is going to become President of America? By threatening his own people. Donald Trump threatened Hillary Clinton.

Trump on his abusive video leak!

He called it as "It's locker room talk."  and said I respect women more than anyone in this world. Well, he is the same Donald Trump who commented that Miss Universe pageant winner is obligated to sleep with him.

The presidential debate has come to an end, but the discussions will go a long way. It seems then Donald Trump has learned a lot from the first presidential debate and didn't repeat many of his mistakes like losing his temperament, kept body language reasonable, but guess what? He still interrupted Clinton more than 18 times. He still made some poor remarks on his opponents, and Clinton.

Whereas, Clinton looked very calm, and positive. She fumbled, but she kept her every point with confidence and justified each and every answer to the questions.

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Whom did you find better in this face-off?