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Historic Cafe In Agra Hires Only Acid Attack Victims- 'Sheroes Hangout'

"Forget what hurt you, but don't forget what it taught you"

We usually expect a beautiful face with a flawless skin to welcome us at eateries because that generally designs our mood. No wonder that I always look for a handsome guy to escort or ask me what would I like to have in food.

But here's a bistro for challenging the stereotypes. Yes, a face that has undergone various surgeries, hair that has just started to regrow and a heart full of motivation is what you'll find here... a heart, where does it come from in the middle of talks concentrating on hospitality?

Yes, we have a cafe run by acid attack survivors. Do you want to meet them?... Then come on!

Historic Cafe In Agra Hires Only Acid Attack Victims- 'Sheroes Hangout'

Historic Cafe In Agra Hires Only Acid Attack Victims- 'Sheroes Hangout'

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People to be applauded: 

Acid Attack Victims

It is a collaborative effort between survivors and a Delhi-based NGO, Chhanv Foundation.

The Sheroes

Sheroes hangout

The cafe is located in Agra near Taj Mahal.

'Sheroes Hangout'

Sheroes hangout

This has been opened to give confidence to the acid attack survivors to come out in public openly.

Good to know that Akhilesh Yadav didn't lag in supporting them.

Facilities provided and the design.

Sheroes hangout

Chai, french fries, free Wi-fi.

Many tourists visiting the Taj were drawn to the cafe because of the eye-catching external graffiti created by one of the survivors. The two-floor cafe, which will rehabilitate five survivors, will also house a reading section containing books and journals on women's empowerment. 

Indian society

Sheroes hangout

The initiative behind this is that they are trying to bring the acid attack survivors into the mainstream Indian society, thereby giving them back the feeling of being normal.


Sheroes hangout

1) The café chain is the first initiative of its kind.

2) It now successfully attracts 500 customers on an average day.

Even the ones who threw acid at them were beautiful from outside...

Sheroes hangout

Yes, they are happy to feel beautiful from inside, because they have started believing that it is all about the inner beauty that matters. For a fact that the ones who threw acid at them were beautiful from outside.

Neetu, a survivor, and a worker there said:

Sheroes hangout

"It's a dream come true. The cafe has given girls like us a second chance at life." 


Sheroes hangout

By Alisha Nangia, a tourist from Delhi: "This place has amazing music and interiors. I happened to visit it by chance but I am so happy to come here. These are lovely brave women."

By Harshit Raj, another tourist from Kerala:  "I really appreciate the idea behind the endeavour. The visit to the cafe has made my tour all the more memorable."

Another survivor and worker Rupa said:

Sheroes hangout

''What really boosted our morale was when many people, who looked strangely at us earlier, came forward to praise the effort," said Rupa

Sheroes- a tribute to the courage of the survivors.

Sheroes- a tribute to the courage of the survivors.

Has also been opened in Lucknow and is planned to be opened in Delhi, Kanpur and other parts of the country.

I hope that such acts of not only bravery but also inspirational do not stop.

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What should be the punishment for Acid Attacks?

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