Change My Name To Donald Trump If This Short Story Fails To Surprise You

I guarantee you a million dollar smile after 10 minutes of read.

Change My Name To Donald Trump If This Short Story Fails To Surprise You

''An unhappy person can smile, but a smiling person can never be unhappy''- Sorrab Singha.

To live is to smile and to smile is to share the goodness. I have always been a soul admirer of the divine power of positivity and what better a weapon of it than a smile?

I believe that even in the worst of the atrocities that I face, if there's something that can save me is nothing but a calm mind and smiling lips. (be it mine or of the people around me)

Usually, I find nothing but an aura of negativity around me when I see people fighting on the busy city roads, shopkeepers cursing their workers, father shouting at his child and what not.

This is where I came up in my head with a story of two housekeeping heads, Michelle and Arpita, to show the sadistic people the right path.These two women were the CEO in their worlds, each heading a team of 5 babysitters.

Let's grab the power of smiling this World Smile Day through their experience.

Short story: Once upon a time...  


There lived two women on the streets of a busy town called the ''Dreamland''. They both were in the business of managing a team of maids who worked in the town as the helping hands to busy people who couldn't take proper care of their babies.


The larger than the life purpose of Michelle and Arpita...

Hot Babysitter

While people saw their business as nothing more than a commercial babysitting firm, Michelle, and Arpita, the two lower-middle-class women in their late 20s used to relate their business to a larger dream/vision of having the world where no kid sees a haunting childhood passed in the lack of love and care.

The similarities in both the ladies...


Apart from being financially very weak and having a great dream, these two were new to the outer world and had nothing but their brain to run the risky business.

(With responsibilities comes great risk)

The dissimilarities in the dreamers...

The hot babysitters

While Michelle believed in hiring only the minds with the soul purpose of giving the best babysitting they can, Arpita was more focused on hiring a team that had one single quality- Being happy!

Arpita knew that a happy team could do wonders, unlike Michelle for whom, devotion was the first thing. (Both were correct in their way)

The short story begins...

Babysitting in USA

Two months passed in hiring and they both finally had a team of five each. Arpita and Michelle, together received the offer from a big fish, a 7-star Hotel owner Harris Milton, who wanted them both to work in taking care of his twins, Martha and Lizzy.

The challenges...

Cutest babies

Arpita's team got the responsibility of Martha whereas Michelle's team got that of Lizzy's.

The twins were identical, and so were their habits, the habits though were tad bad, bad for a newbie babysitting firm. These two kids were the most mischievous ones you can probably find. So to deal with them, needed shear passion!

Obstacles in the path...

Hot babysitters

In the wake of doing it in the best possible way, Michelle's team took their work so seriously that they eventually shifted their focus from creating a happy atmosphere to creating a ''perfect'' one.

On the other hand, Arpita's team proved to be flexible and was still focussed on the happiness of the child.

The happenings...

Hottest babysitters

In the course of their strenuous daily job, that required them available for 16 hours a day, taking care of the feeding, bathing, teaching, cleaning their potties, conducting activities and making sure that the babies take proper rest under supervision.

Arpita made her team work in flexible shifts according to their choice which led to 2 members in her team getting sacked for taking undue advantage, two new hirings followed. (She never let any harm to the baby)

Michelle kept it strict, she moved forward with her set of visionaries and never saw a low point.

That day...

crazy kids

Babies born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Martha, and Lizzy, once decided to give the two lady leads a hard time. They somehow managed to skip through their caretakers' sharp eyes and went onto the terrace of their mansion that was a dream place for the babies.


Something really bad was about to take place

Scary kids

The little mistake of a mishap was about to turn into a big one.

Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall...

Scared girls

They both, in their pursuit of crossing the terrace wall onto another terrace in the building, had to see a decent fall from a good 4 feet height.

Both the teams were in a state of extreme shock

Babysitters show

They were unaware till now of the tragedy that had taken place behind their back.

The sounds of Music...


Their cry pierced the ears of caretaking staff, and they ran as fast as Usain Bolt to see what happened. The babies were injured, and the leaders were furious on the mistake.

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How they dealt..

Tough situation

Michelle made sure that her team gets the punishment and the baby gets a more strict atmosphere.

Arpita talked it out with her team and decided to find some other productive solution to the problem of 'human error' and let the baby remain the same way.

Three years later...

Kids party

Arpita got an urgent call from a worried Michelle, and it was about the kid, Lizzy and Michelle's team of babysitters.

Arpita got to know from her counterpart that she had sleepless nights because of the frustrated team and an out-of-hand going Lizzy.

Michelle asked- ''What do I do now?''

Arpita replied- ''Focus on happiness, spread smiles.''

Michelle took all her team members to a party later


They discussed every life problem in detail. They knew that the toughest decisions are not about monetary or practical stuff but they're about the simple complexities of life.

The end of the short story might not stun you in particular, but I guarantee you that the learnings that are hiding deep inside these lines have the power to turn your world, if you accept it with open arms.

That good night...


A year passed with Michelle following Arpita's advice of focussing more on the smiles, and the changes she saw were unimaginable. Her team, which once focussed on perfection is now happy accepting the imperfections.

What about the kids?

identical twins

Lizzy grew up to be a least frustrated, happy-go-lucky, sincere teenager with no signs of self-harm of lack of confidence(two big problems that teenagers face these days).

And Martha?

And Martha?

Martha grew up to join a group of teenage scouts in their early teens and is the to-go buddy whenever a friend of hers seek for a positive, selfless friend.

She learnt very early that people are what we earn and not any money, property or luxury. Minimalism is the new luxury and this is the best way to approach life. Give back to the world and world smiles at you.

How did this all happen?


It's all hidden in the ''power of smile.''

The essence of the short story on happiness lies in understanding the fact that there's nothing like perfection that exists in the world. The day we believe that there's close to no effort that is required to get happy, we'll be happy forever. Smile in the worst and get called as the bravest person to ever bless the planet.

Need I say any more? The story continues...

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What according to you drives smile?