Brad Pitt Opens Up After Split 'I Can't Sleep At Night'

Brad Pitt speaks after the split.

Brad Pitt Opens Up After Split 'I Can't Sleep At Night'

After a long time, Brad Pitt's words have come in front of the media. He is feeling lonely. Not living in his estate in Los Feliz, he has moved to a small apartment in Los Angeles with a close friend.

Brad Pitt is avoiding the media attention entirely. His close friends are helping him in getting over it, as losing a family is one of the most painful moments in any person's life.

Angelina is not at all happy.



Brad Pitt agreed on what he has done in the past is not acceptable and is wrong, but he said that he knows that Angelina is not happy with this split either. Though, it might be easy for her to get along with loneliness because the actress has got children to accompany her.

I miss those random kisses!


All the love is coming back, and it is hard to manage because love shouldn't be something that you miss, it should be something that you feel. Our tipster informed us that, Brad Pitt is not living in his estate that once used to be home for him.

"I can't sleep at night."

Reports also say that Brad Pitt in-person confessed his feelings with his friend saying, "I cannot sleep at night."

Forever is over now


A piece of news was out that Brad Pitt in the influence of drugs said, "Forever is now over for me. I am not getting married again."

Angelina is still missing.


Angelina is spending her life undercover because she doesn't want to be in the spotlight until the split is officially confirmed. 

Brad Pitt is not well.


All this has turned out to be deadly for Brad Pitt, and he's not as fit as he used to be. Actor hates going back to the estate because of all the paintings, memories, and lost love that surrounds him. He's surely missing his family.

It's over!


Brangelina is a past now, and there's no way to bring both of them together. Time heals everything and very soon they both will learn to live without each other. Until the divorce is officially announced, they are going to have some hard time dealing with everything. We can hope that they get along with this easily.

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