Whoa! You Can Watch Google's Ongoing Live Event Here

Google unveils new phones!

Whoa! You Can Watch Google's Ongoing Live Event Here

Google's Nexus devices are one of the best devices out there. I'm excited about this event because this time, Google is unveiling not only the smartphones but some really cool gadgets too. There are rumours that Google will announce an Operating system as well.

Don't worry, you can catch the live event from the below. Just stay here for the live stream.

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Google Pixel in silver.

Google Pixel in silver.

Here is an another leaked picture in courtesy of Verizon. 


What? Blue color?

What? Blue color?

It is quite weird, but somewhere it is good for funky people out there who love the colorful gadgets.

Google Pixel Specifications: 

1.) Display: 5-inch Gorilla Glass 4 display.

2.) Processor: Snapdragon 820/821

3.) RAM & Storage: 4GB with 32/64GB storage.

4.) Camera: 12.3 MP rear camera & 8MP front camera.

5.) Battery: 2770mAh and 3450mAh.

However, they are still unofficial specs, check out the live stream below for official confirmation. 

Someone guessed the products!

#MadeByGoogle on Twitter

What do you think of Google's these new gadgets?

Finally, watch the Live stream here!