Joseline Suggests That Her Baby's Father Is The Game And Not Stevie J

She was cheating on Stevie J all this time?

Joseline Suggests That Her Baby's Father Is The Game And Not
Stevie J

The relationship matters are becoming more complicated in Hollywood. Almost seven months ago, the news was out that Joseline Hernandez might be cheating on Stevie J and she's exactly seven months pregnant, then who's the father of her baby?

A few days ago we reported an event in which Joseline accepted she's a lesbian. And our tipsters also informed that after learning the art of cheating from Joseline; Stevie J was caught cheating on Faith Evans. Faith is also pregnant, but she doesn't need Stevie J to take care of her baby. Recently, while working out, she was rushed to the hospital for baby problems.

The rapper is now giving some hint to her fans about who is the father of her child. And her revelations are shocking. Scroll down!

We all know her first love is New York.



And how she looked a few months ago.


But, now she's pregnant.


And after her breakup with Stevie J, she's hunting for a new father for her baby.


Could The Game become her husband?


Joseline Hernandez is seven months pregnant, and exactly seven months ago there were rumors about her cheating on Stevie J. Now, the only task that remains in front of Joseline is to make her marital affair, rapper The Game to accept her.

And she's doing it smartly!


Joseline knows exactly how she is going to convince The Game. She shared this picture of a rapper on her profile and asked him to choose her as his Avatar. This image provides enough hints to her fans. Now, the only question that's left is, whether or not rapper The Game will accept this invitation?

Just waiting for these two to get together.

Just waiting for these two to get together.

Only time will tell, we hope that Joseline gets a man of her dreams, one can not only take care of her but her baby as well. And there's not a better guy for Joseline than The Game.

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