9 Incredible Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special 

Try saying these cute things to your man instead of saying "I Love You."

9 Incredible Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special 

"3 words, eight letters, say it and I am yours."

You probably might be telling your boyfriend daily that you love him but let me tell you that the words "I Love You" are a passe now.

As much as he might be looking forward to hearing you speak those magic words they have turned stale now. You need alternatives girl.

I love uttering these words too, but they seem like just a mix of syllables. Yes, they mean a lot but there are those other things too that can make your man feel loved and cherished more than what the magic words do. 

From sassy to sexy these list of words will perk him up and will take your relationship to the next level. You know there are other things to say "I Love You." 

01. "Hey, there handsome!"


Everyone greets him with a hello so if you are doing it a different way, that means special. Try making him feel you were waiting for him to enter the door and greet him with these flattering words. 


02. "I love you like I love cake."


This will definitely bring a smile on his face. He knows your love for cakes, and he will certainly love it if you shoot this quirky expression in front of him. 

03. "Hey guess what? I love you." 


This will make him think that you are about to shoot him a story, but with those magical coming out as a surprise. This will most certainly make his day. 

04. "I had the best dream about you. I'll show you later."


This makes him realise that you are always thinking about him, even when you are sleeping. But it does take your relationship one stage further by making him believe that the dream might be sexual. 

05. "My friends are jealous of you." 


Let him know that your friends think of him to be a great greek god. Who doesn't like hearing that they are a catch? This will also mean that you brag about him a little in front of his friends. 

06. "Go away so I can miss you."


End a date with this cute thing, and you will get his messages lined up for you. Guys love to feel the love when they know they are being missed. This way it won't seem like you are clingy. 

07. "You must be a thief because you stole my heart."


This cheesy pickup line will for sure set the mood right and he will know you think about him all day, all night. This is a funny way to let him know you are crazy about him. 

08. "You always know how to make me smile." 


Appreciate him a little. Let him know that his love makes his girl feel all gushy about love. 

09. "We make a great team." 


Not only does this one show him you love him but it also shows that the two of you make a strong couple. It also assures him that you are there to stand by him, no matter what. 

Once, in a while it is a good idea to break off the regular,"I love you" pattern and go for something as cheesy as these lines. By finding cute things such as these, you are making your relationship stronger than ever. 

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