Most Unique Borders Between Countries, One Goes Through A Bedroom!

Celebrating beautiful friendships right on the border.

Most Unique Borders Between Countries, One Goes Through A Bedroom!

With India-Pak conflicts going on, the situations are often tensed and tight at the borders. But this isn't the case everywhere. While some countries arm their borders with militias, trained dogs, tanks, snipers or barbed wires, some just like to keep it simple where you can cross the border taking a sip of the coffee or while you are in your bedroom.

Well, here is the list of such countries which have nothing but a sidewalk at the border or a place of serene beauty. 

Argentina - Brazil - Paraguay

Argentina — Brazil — Paraguay

Argentina -on the left, Brazil - on the right, Paraguay - in the middle.


Belgium - Netherlands

Belgium — Netherlands

Grab a cup of coffee in Belgium and leave out of the cafe in Netherlands.

Germany - Netherlands

Germany — Netherlands

Mail boxes are kept on both sides of the border between Germany and Netherland. The border passes through Europe business center.

Russia - United States

Russia — United States

This is an island between Russia and United States

Canada - United States

Canada — United States

Learn your history lessons about Canada - United States as this border passes through a library.

China - Mongolia

China — Mongolia

Two kissing dinosaurs welcoming you at the China-Mongolia border. Cute, isn't it?

Sweden - Finland

Sweden — Finland

This sporty border has its own uniqueness.

Brazil - Uruguay

Brazil — Uruguay

Sidewalk- The border between Brazil and Uruguay.

Norway - Sweden

Norway — Sweden

Just Ski around the Norway and Sweden border.

Germany - Czech Republic

Germany — Czech Republic

The view is simply breathtaking!

Poland - Ukraine

Poland — Ukraine

This trespassing fish between Poland and Ukraine.

Isn't it interesting? 

So pack your bags and shoot for an adventure. Once you are done visiting these, here are 10 Adventurous places that every travel freak should visit. 

Happy Journey!