Janet Jackson Spotted In Public With Her Massive Baby Bump

Expecting a baby at the age of 50!

Janet Jackson Spotted In Public With Her Massive Baby Bump

Well, I feel more like a gynaecologist now, while all these pregnancies are around, I find myself sharing celebrities pregnancy updates. Well, I don't mind it, because whatever you want to know about your favorite stars, I'm here to bring it for you.

Another baby bump is spotted in public, and this time, it is none other than the most talked-about-mother, 50-year-old, Janet Jackson. She was out for shopping in a closed shop with her bodyguard and assistant when we spotted her.

Rumors were out that the famous MJ's sister is pregnant.



Media was not sure about her being pregnant, because she is way too old to have a baby, and no one ever cared to look for her baby bump.

Beauty at its best.


She manages to look gorgeous even in her 50s.

Expecting baby with a surrogate mother?


When Janet was performing even after her pregnancy news was out, people started doubting that she is having a secret surrogate mother who is carrying her egg.

It is one of the most recent pictures of the boldest singer from Hollywood.


Janet shared this picture on her Instagram and revisited her stage performances memories. She cancelled her tour because of pregnancy, but no one believed that she could manage to have a baby at this point of time in her life.

Having pregnancy mood swings!


She's going through a lot of pregnancy mood swings these days, and she found a unique way of dealing with it. Michael Jackson's sister is sharing these cute emoticons to let her fans know about her current state of mind. Check'em out on her Instagram. 

That's how she looked!


Singer, songwriter, has put on some weight and she is still looking as gorgeous as ever.

Get a more clear look at her baby bump!


And this is how she looks like now. She's expecting a baby and would be delivering in a few months time. All we can say now is that may God bless her and the baby. Wishing all the happiness for her.

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