11 Creepy Photos Proving That The Earth Is Dying And We Are The Reason

It will move you to tears.

11 Creepy Photos Proving That The Earth Is Dying And We Are The Reason

We enjoy our comfortable lifestyles, enjoying all that luxury, not a tad bit aware of what's coming for us. We are consuming our planet Earth, draining it off its beauty. We should come out loud creating awareness among the people who don't have 'time' and reside in a society that is making the planet cry every second.

Let us see what all is happening with our planet.

Careless overfishing.

Careless overfishing

We may run out of fishes before 2050. Overfishing just to satisfy the increasing global population is a serious threat.


Deforestation in Amazon.

Deforestation in Amazon

Need a place? Guess what I need a hell lot of it, what I need to do is to toss some dollars. Well, it seems like this thinking would result in a time when a forest would just be a dream. Not to mention the imbalance in nature.

A former diamond mine in East Siberia.

East Siberia

1500 feet deep and a diameter of 4000 feet, it is the second largest hole in the world. A huge hole as a result of our greed for diamonds.

A dump along the Spanish countryside.

Spanish dump

Thankfully tires are not burned anymore. They are being recycled.

Bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed during the bombings in World war II.

Trash on Mt. Everest.

Mount Everest trash

Many of the 'brave' climbers who attempt to climb Mt. Everest leave back their garbage. This Sherpa is cleaning his beloved Everest.

A bird covered in the oil spill.

Lousiana oil spill

A bird covered in the oil spill in Louisiana.

Deadly toxic runoff in New Delhi.

Deadly toxic runoff in New Delhi.

The Yamuna river which accounts for 70 percent water supply in Delhi is facing the toughest time.

Fog settling into Changsha Province of China.

China pollution

It's not the romantic fog but smog due to pollution. China has a population problem and it continues to produce copious amounts of pollution.

An aerial view of congested and polluted New Delhi.

New Delhi pollution

India is the most populated country after China. Delhi is getting worse due to overcrowding.

Thousands of dead fishes in Rodrigo deFreitaslagoon in Rio.

Dead fishes

The big concern about the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio was the pollution.

What is affecting the planet most negatively?