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7 Historic Moments When MS Dhoni Proved Every Critic Wrong

Indian cricket is blessed to have got a captain like MS Dhoni. Apart from his redoubtable skills with bat, Dhoni has won many matches for with his adroit captainship. He has taken Indian cricket to an apogee.

Let's take a look at some of the best decisions MS Dhoni made as the captain to win matches for his team.

7 Historic Moments When MS Dhoni Proved Every Critic Wrong

7 Historic Moments When MS Dhoni Proved Every Critic Wrong

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1. Gave Final over to Joginder Sharma to win 1st ever T20 world cup.

MS Dhoni opted for Joginder Sharma to bowl final over ahead of Harbhajan. It was one of the most difficult and crucial decisions MS Dhoni made considering it was a final against arch-rivals Pakistan team.

2. Came to bat ahead of the in-form Yuvraj Singh and won world cup for India

India had not won a world cup after 1983. In 2011 world cup final, Dhoni came to bat at number 5 ahead of Yuvraj Singh who was India's most successful batsman. That was a huge decision and could have cost him and the Indian team if India had lost the match. However, Dhoni later revealed that he knew the technique to pick Murali's bowling and hence he promoted himself.

3. Defended a small total in 2013 Champions trophy final for a brilliant coup.

Defending a very low score of 129 runs against a very strong England was not an easy task. But Dhoni remained cool throughout the match and came out as a winner.

4. Took Chennai Super Kings into Semi Final by scoring 16 of last over

Dhoni took the responsibility on his shoulders. Took a game till last over and then launched an attack on Irfan Pathan's bowling to seal a place in IPL semi-final.

5. Brilliant field placing in 2010 IPL final to dismiss in-form Kieron Pollard

In a dramatic final, Pollard was hitting CSK bowlers all over the place. Bowlers didn't have any answers but the captain had it. Knowing that Pollard likes to hit straight, Dhoni placed Matthew Hayden right behind the bowler at an unusual position. Pollard was caught by Hyden and CSK won IPL title.

6. Guiding Ishant Sharma to bowl an incandescent spell for a famous test win at Lord's.

People often criticize MS Dhoni for his poor skills in test crickets. But it was Dhoni who asked Ishant Sharma to bowl short balls in order to get England batsmen out in the last session. India recorded a historic win at Lord's cricket ground.

7. Defending a low total against Bangladesh in 2016 T20 world cup.

India were in a huge trouble as Bangladesh were cruising in a chase of 146 runs. If India had lost that match then that would've meant an exit from 2016 T20 world cup. Dhoni yet again came to rescue. He marshalled his bowlers to bring India back into the game. Once again he made a key decision of giving last over to a novice Hardik Pandya and brought best in him out to India a nail-bitting game.

Do you think Dhoni is the best Indian captain?

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