10 People Who Had The Most Shocking Body Transformations Ever 

Plastic surgeries went terribly wrong!

10 People Who Had The Most Shocking Body
Transformations Ever 

There are many people who are not satisfied with their appearance and can go to any extent to look better. These people opt for plastic surgery and end up changing their body part forever. Repeated plastic surgeries can deform the body and person are left with no other option but to live in their transformed form.  

Let's meet such strange people who had the most shocking body transformations

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1) Beshine 



The real name of this German model is Mayra Hills but she is known as Beshine worldwide. She holds a record for the world's biggest augmented breasts. Her natural cup size was B but she attained the cup size of 32Z after having numerous surgeries. Each of her breasts weighs nearly 20 pounds which is equivalent to the weight of a toddler. Beshine feels that she hasn't reached her final goal and is planning for more breast surgeries in future. 

2) Jana Stoner 

2) Jana Stoner 

Jana Stoner is a former Californian model who got two double sized breast implants inserted into her butt. She opted for cheap surgery in Mexico and admits that the quality of butt implant is not up to the mark. Now the former model has no other option but to carry two boobs in her butt. Her story went viral on the show Botched in 2015. 

3) Valeria Lukyanova 


Valeria Lukyanova aka Human Barbie doll gained popularity in 2012 for her resemblance to Barbie doll. Though Valeria claims that she had only breast implants her then and now pictures narrate a completely different story. Doctors interpret that the human Barbie went under the knife for the removal of ribs and underwent several nose jobs to look like a doll. 

4) Jackie Stallone


Jackie Stallone is a 90-year-old astrologer and mother of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone. Jackie regrets for having numerous plastic surgeries which made her appearance just like a chipmunk. Unfortunately, the face of this beautiful woman got permanently disfigured after undergoing several surgeries on her face. 

5) Rajee Narinesingh 


Rajee Narinesingh was a male and wanted to transform into a woman with the help of plastic surgeries. She became the victim of Dr. Morris who injected cement and tire sealant into her face. Rajee's face got permanently disfigured after taking cheap injections from Dr. Morris who ran a black market plastic surgery ring. 

6) Kristina REI

Kristina REI took nearly 100 lip injections to look like fictional character Jessica Rabbit. She thought that her natural lips were ugly and spent over $5,000 to get larger lips. Kristina is now the record holder of the woman with the biggest lips in the world but she has no plans to stop. 

7) Vanity Wonder 

Vanity Wonder took several butt injections in 2006 for up to 5 years to make her butts large. She became addicted to the silicone shots and spent over $15,000 on her butt. However, she got jailed for taking injections from the black market. 

8) Brian Zembic


In 1996, Brian Zembic said to his friends that he could look more attractive with boobs than women. He made a bet of $15,000. Brian's friends asked him to opt for breast implants and keep them for a year. Brian took the challenge and opted for the surgery to get 38C breasts. He kept the breasts for 20 years and came on Botched in 2016 after getting rid of boobs.

9) Akash Shukla 

9) Akash Shukla 

When Akash Shukla was 16, he stopped growing due to the fusion of his growth plates. Doctors claimed that he had no chance of growing taller than 4'11". Akash took a painful step of having limb lengthening surgery in which the leg bones are broken and metal rings and screws are put in between the bones. The process costs him around $275,000 and took 6 months for completion. 

10) Rodrigo Alves 


Rodrigo Alves underwent 42 plastic surgeries to look exactly like the Ken doll. He spent over $400,000 for the surgeries including seven nose jobs. In April 2016, Rodrigo's nose got rotten and he was diagnosed with necrosis. Then he underwent a 10-hour surgery to rebuild his nose from scratch using cartilage from his ribs.    

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