Kendall Jenner Gets A Tattoo On Her Body At A Very Strange Place

It must have been painful for her.

Kendall Jenner Gets A Tattoo On Her Body At A Very Strange Place

Kendall Jenner is making her place in news headlines every day now, and all for different reasons. She's doing so many things in her life, that we can't do anything except for admiring her. Her Appearance on the television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has earned her a lot of fans and Instagram followers.

She's so famous on Instagram, that even Vogue couldn't refuse it and featured her in their magazine series called 'Instagirl era.'

Kendall Jenner recently posed topless for Hillary Clinton; now the news is out that she has got a tattoo at a very strange place on her body.

Read on to know which strange place are we talking about.

Presidential elections in America.



There are a huge number of supporters for Hillary Clinton in the US, and recently Kendall went out on the street to support American Presidential nominee Hillary openly, as US citizens gathered at one place and showed their support for Clinton with Kendall Jenner.

Posing topless for Clinton.


Kendall went one step ahead and tried to show off her assets to engage her followers and then urged them to vote in the next presidential elections.

Appeared on Vogue cover.


Kendall Jenner was again in the news for her appearance on Vogue cover image for Japan.

Recently, Kendall even posed for Spanish Vogue cover.


After Japan, it was Spain Vogue that wanted the popular model and television reality actress on their Vogue cover image.

There's something common about me and Kendall.


Proud fan moment for me. Heath, Kendall, and Me always wanted to have a tattoo at the strangest place on our body. Heath had once considered 'under lips' for getting a tat. Unfortunately, Heath is not between us, but Kendall fulfilled his wish.

Kendall's lip tattoo!


While she was at the Paris Fashion Week, she visited one of the finest tattoo artists in the world and got under lips inked. Jonboytattoo shared her picture on Instagram.

Few of her friends accompanied her.


The news is out that Kendall was not the only one to get a tattoo that night, and few of her friends accompanied her in achieving this milestone. She has got 'Meow' under her lips. Kendall has not yet shared her lip tattoo on her Instagram, but we expect that very soon she's going to reveal it.

While all her fans are eagerly waiting, we'll bring the latest updates for you here.