Angela Simmons Welcomes A Baby Boy (Pics)

Whole world was waiting for this

Angela Simmons Welcomes A Baby Boy (Pics)

"The best part of my life has just begun, motherhood, and I am so in love with it" -Angela

I was genuinely tired of looking at the baby bumps of Hollywood celebs, and it was almost like every Hollywood actress and television stars around me are either breaking up or getting pregnant. Everyone in Hollywood is either expecting a baby or wants to have one. There is so many pregnancy news around, that sometimes I feel I've subscribed to some pregnancy tips tabloid.

One of those 'baby expecting mothers' was Angela Simmons, and her fans are dying to see her with a flat belly for more than a decade, I suppose. Finally, she gave birth to a baby boy and both of them are safe.

See pictures!

It's been so long when Angela announced her pregnancy.



Since then her fans are eagerly waiting for her to deliver the baby. She kept on posting pictures on Instagram and showing off her baby bump.



At one point the fashionable model got exhausted to the extent that she started sharing irrelevant stuff on Instagram. Like, who the hell wants to know what she's eating? She kept on sharing her breakfast and lunch. 

Getting baby clicked.


Angela Simmons does not want to give any reason to her baby boy, to feel upset with her for not clicking a picture while he was still inside her.

Rumors about her pregnancy.


Rumors were around that model turned actress Angela has dropped the idea of having a baby and is officially getting aborted at the local hospital.

Her friends started sharing their views and consoled the single mother for doing so. The rumors got red-hot on the social media that she had to post this picture and deny it.

Admitted to the hospital.


Ms. Simmons went to the hospital when she predicted that it might be the time to bring her baby into this world. She felt the late night shifts and then later delivered the baby.

Finally, the baby's here.


On September 30th, 2016, she finally gave birth to a baby boy and shared this picture with her fans. Angela also got emotional and said, the best part of my life has just begun.

Baby time! 


Not more than 24 hours have passed, and she already shared three photos on Instagram of her little boy. I wish all the health and happiness to Angela Simmons and this cute little king that she welcomed.


Save the drama for next guys; it's  enough for today.

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