Kendall Jenner And Madonna Join Katy Perry's Naked Campaign

"Transparent politics"

Kendall Jenner And Madonna Join Katy Perry's Naked Campaign

It's a timeworn tradition in America, celebrities going naked to support their favourite president candidate. If you go by history, you'll witness that America has more nude celebrities than the number of politicians. From Abraham Lincoln to Hillary Clinton, they all have used the popularity of Hollywood stars to encourage their fans to vote for them.

Hillary Clinton is running as the 45th Presidential Election nominee of America and getting significant support from all around the world. Some of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses and singers have come in front 'nude' and appealed their fans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Here's the picture! 

Katy Perry initiative!


Katy Perry came out in support for Hillary Clinton and promised her fans to post her nude picture on Instagram. She also requested the citizens of US to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was so impressed with Katy that she decided to meet her.


Hillary Clinton loved this initiative of Katy Perry and went on to meet her in person to thank her, and Katy shared these pictures on Instagram.

Jenner Kendall in this video with Justine Skye. 


It all started with Katy Perry and in no time Jenner announced that she's also going to go nude to show support for her Presidential nominee. And with no surprise, Jenner did that to urge her fans to vote.

Kendall Jenner is posing nude for Hillary Clinton.


This is the image that Kendall Jenner shared on her Instagram to show her love and support for the first female presidential nominee of America. Her fans are getting nasty!

Something for Twitter.

Kendall Jenner also shared this video holding American flag and requesting her Twitter followers to vote for Hillary.

Madonna went even further.

Madonna went even further.

Madonna soon joined the campaign which Katy Perry had started, and after Kendall Jenner, she shared this picture on her Instagram. Madonna encouraging fans with nudism to vote for the presidential candidate was a surprise for everyone.

And Madonna impressed her too!


Hillary was so impressed with Madonna that she decided to meet her personally. Reports say Hillary had spent more time with Madonna than Katy Perry. 

How can Kim miss this opportunity?


Next in the list is the most famous Kardashian sister. Yes, I am talking about Kim! She decided to encourage her fans to vote. It seemed that her fans didn't like Hillary Clinton and showed no support. 

It makes me wonder, that the super-powered nation in the world, the country which has given this world some of the most legendary leaders like Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, etc., what has happened to America?

The day is not far when Clinton's advisor would say,

Advisor: Ma'am I believe we should re-plan our international strategy.

Hillary: Ohh, let me get my pants off! Post it on Instagram; maybe that would help.

American citizen needs to get above these. There are more serious problems in America than nudity.