Meet The Man Who Travelled 198 Countries At Just 38

Already travelled the whole world?

Meet The Man Who Travelled 198 Countries At Just 38

"Travelling, it makes you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller"

And this guy, Gunnar Garfors has more than 200 stories for all of us. But, before we move further, let's ask ourselves one question, how many of us want to travel the whole world? Almost everyone! Yes? But, how many of us actually go out and explore the world, without affecting our professional and social life? Unfortunately, the answer is none!

Travelling the whole world might be a dream for you, but there are a few who are living this life. I bring to you, the story of a traveller who even ran out of countries while travelling the world.

An introduction to Gunnar Garfors



Born in the year 1975, in Northern Norway's town Hammerfest, this guy is the oldest of seven children. From childhood, he wanted to conquer the world and set out to leave his mark in the every country of the world.

Gunnar Garfors holds the Guinness book of world record for visiting five continents in one day, and also holds the record of travelling to 19 countries within 24 hours. You must be thinking how he earns money to do all this?

A media professional


He earns sufficient amount of money to travel the world. He has covered 198 countries at the age of 38. From London to Paris and Paris to New York, name any country and this guy would say, I was there. Still, he says that travelling is his hobby, not his passion. His passion is work.

Working as a CEO, vice-president, and president in a Norwegian Broadcasting company, Gunnar always finds time to write a blog, bringing new ideas into implementation, and writing articles for more than five countries.

He's a father of smartness!


His smartness would kill most of us. He cleverly understood the different time zones and managed to visit Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America, taking only 28 hours 25 minutes. Can you imagine that? Also, he claimed that he had taken more than 3,500 flights to cover all these places in such a less time. Hats off!

Not just best in travelling, but work too.


Asking people to guess these 198 places on his Instagram, Gunnar is a maestro of time management. Imagine how much he is doing with his 24 hours time, and we should look at ourselves to see the comparison.

And this epic picture is taken in...


Posting some of his good memories and pictures on Instagram, he posted this picture that he had taken in Mali. It is the eighth largest country in Africa.

This one's from China.


He attended Expo as a speaker in Shanghai, China.

One picture at a time.


This one is from Paris, France.

Gunnar might not have visited all these places once at a time, but he's undoubtedly concerned about sharing these memories like a slow drug. He uploads one picture at a time and has already uploaded more than 1500+ pictures.

In Canada.


One of my favourite pictures for obvious reasons.


His voyage around the world also brought Gunnar Garfors to India. He claimed that out of all the 198 countries that he has visited; India was more diverse and cultural.

Sharing his experience with the world.


Gunnar Garfors shared every tiny detail about his journey and experiences throughout in his book '198: How I Ran Out Of Countries.' This book was published in September 2014.

He's growing old, but his heart is young!


Travelling the world at the age of 38, becoming the president and CEO of Broadcast Corporation, writing articles for more than five countries, authoring a book, and achieving all these in one life seems impossible to all of us, but this guy has managed to do it all. He is currently living a healthy life at the place he was born.

You can visit his website to know more about Gunnar Garfors.

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