NASA LIVE: Jupiter's Moon Europa Has Hidden Oceans? (Photos)

Data from Nasa's live audio news!

NASA LIVE: Jupiter's Moon Europa Has Hidden Oceans? (Photos)

Nasa said, "We humans are wondering for life around the earth, and any planet that sounds similar to earth, catches our attention. Any planet or the moon which shows any signature of atmosphere like earth, it interests us."

And they further added, "One such place that we have discovered is no other than Europa, Jupiter's moon. It has shown some positive signals of hiding an ocean inside, and most importantly oxygen and hydrogen may also be available"

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NASA presents a report on EUROPA.


On September 26, 2016, 2:00pm EDT NASA scientist came on a live audio news presentation broadcast to announce the results and findings from Europa. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei and it was named after the lover of god Zeus, Europa.


More than 100k viewers listened to this audio live on NASA website.


I saw it and felt good that many other people around the world were interested in this news broadcast, including me. NASA further revealed that there might be possibilities that Europa has sub-surface and that increases our interest more in it.



NASA scientists at the very beginning confirmed that there's no such existence of life found on Europa, and all those media reporters' claims are false. The existence of life on Europa will be answerable in near future.

The size of the Europa is almost equal to a magnitude of earth's moon. 

Juno Spacecraft


All these images captured by NASA's Spacecraft 'Juno,' it was launched in 2011. It is launched for a duration of 6 years, and it has already completed more than five years by performing extraordinarily and giving us some crystal clear images of planet Jupiter and by bringing our attention on Europa.

Scientists explained Europa's geology through this picture.


NASA Scientists have explained the geology of Europa in comparison to earth and in the simplest way possible. Europa has many sub-surfaces like earth, and it might be possible that after digging deep inside we may find ice water ocean spread all over Europa or we may explore whole new ocean on Europa.

Do plumes exist on Europa?


One of the most obvious reason that we'll find water on Europa is that scientists have assured that they have seen plumes and vapor like atmosphere on Europa. It indirectly suggests us the presence of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and their absorption. 

Did water erupt?


One possible scenario that can be expected and experimented on Europa in near future is that it has thick chaotic terrain made up of brine. It might be possible, that these brines whose thickness is calculated in miles are hiding oceans of our hope.

Europa showing some changes?


There are proofs of changes on Europa. As you can see in these three pictures are taken in the different years from the same angle. Hubble Space Telescope is the only instrument to bring this to us.

Does life exist on Europa?


Scientists have said that "Juno spacecraft is about to complete its six-year duration in space, and we are hoping to continue with Juno for some more time. One of the major things that signal the possibility of life on Europa is the availability of plumes. Plumes cannot exist without oxygen & hydrogen."

NASA reported that all these observations are limited to our findings, and are solely based on what we have observed so far. The results may turn around in future.

NASA Scientists by concluding the live audio announced, ''we will continue to use Juno spacecraft at its best, and it is an exciting challenge for us to explore Europa more. We have recorded more than 50 million events, performed the analysis of the received data several time along with recording the current moment of Jupiter and Europa, it is not just about images, we are here with the best possible observations.''

All we can say to conclude now is Europa has responded in a very positive manner, and it'd be a giant step toward the future of human race if anything found on Europa.

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