19-Year-Old Plus Size Model Believes That Fat Girls Are Modern Art

Her pictures will change your outlook!

19-Year-Old Plus Size Model Believes That Fat Girls Are
Modern Art

Minahil Mahmood is a 19-year-old plus-size model who is driving the internet crazy with her pictures and thoughts. This plus-size model believes that fat girls are modern art and must be proud of their bodies. Minahil aka Mina believes that thick girls are dominating the world and there is a huge scope for them in the trillion dollars plus-size fashion industry.  

Read on to view the sizzling images of Mina captioned with her awesome thoughts.

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Meet 19-year-old plus-size model Mina Mahmood.



This Instagram queen is becoming the dream icon of all the healthy girls in the world. 

Mina has 136 k followers on Instagram.


Her views about body positivity will steal your heart.

It seems that the model is in love with her body.


She believes that, 'fat girls are modern art.' 

Mina feels that every girl should be proud of her body.


She captioned this picture: "Shout out to the girls with big bellies and little bellies, belly rolls and back rolls, round hips and cute little hips, hip dips and cellulite, tiny stretch marks all over the booty or big stretch marks all over your belly, it don't matter baby." 

She keeps posting her stunning pictures and wonderful views on Instagram.


This Instagram queen even discusses the things that are considered taboo in our society. 

Mina has no time for haters.


Though some people disagree with her thoughts, but she doesn't give a damn about it.

Mina feels that fat girls are dominating the world.


She doesn't feel shy in flaunting her flaws and fats in her pictures.  

Mina feels privileged to be considered as a plus-size model.


She captioned this picture: "Our society is distorted because there's even "right" ways to be fat. There's good and "bad" fat. There's the right and wrong. You can have belly but not too much. You can be chubby but you have to have a smaller waist. I'm not delusional and I'm not gonna act like I don't benefit from societies ideals as a lighter woman with belly and lil strechmarks. But it hurts knowing even within our communities there are stigmas around bodies. I want you to know that I support and love your body no matter fucking what. Our big arms are beautiful, our double chins deserve to be caressed and loved. If you're a fat girl with a small butt and titties u are still so valuable and crucial to us. If you don't have the ideal chubby body you mean so much to me. You are breaking boundaries just by being here and being you. I hope you don't get discouraged and lose your voice, if you do it's not your fault. We have been fed this since we were little. For fucks sake there's a TRILLION dollar industry telling us we will never be good enough for the world. Every step we take on this planet is revolutionary. This is for everyone with an unconventional body. I love you, I pray I get to be in all of your presences one day." 

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